business associates vs Infinity Great American Rivalry bet analysis

By Steven Rondina


Jul 12, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

After months of seeing the same four to eight teams play one another in North American regional leagues, the Great American Rivalry is set to give fans something different. The event structure is standard fare, but it brings some new teams to the table and affords them an opportunity against some of the best in the world.

One of the most interesting newcomers is Infinity Esports, a Peruvian-majority squad that came together in April and has been looking to establish itself on the South American circuit. Their debut against big-name teams came in Great American Rivalry and, so far, it has been a disaster.

But the team still has an opportunity to post a statement victory against an ailing business associates.

business associates vs. Infinity Esports betting analysis for Great American Rivalry

Infinity Esports’ debut goes awry

Infinity Esports has a bit of an esports pedigree based on their enduring League of Legends team. That undoubtedly helped the organization pull together a solid group of players that have competed with some of South America’s top Dota 2 brands. The team’s roster stands as follows:

  1. Juan “Atun” Ochoa
  2. Jeremy “Jeimari” Ruiz Aguinaga
  3. Benjamín “Benjaz” Lanao Barrios
  4. Eduardo “Raykill” Nuñez
  5. Sergio “Prada” Toribio

While it’s a solid bunch of players, the team has struggled mightily to this point. It underwhelmed in multiple regional leagues and has been dreadful in the Great American Rivalry, boasting a 1-11 map record in the event as of this writing.

Under normal circumstances, Infinity would be an untouchably bad option for betting purposes. They’re facing business associates at a strange time, though.

Business associates continue slide amid roster uncertainty

Business associates started the year as a serious contender. Sponsored by J.Storm, the team looked like the second-best squad in North America and finished in the top six at the MDL Chengdu Major.

Things dipped sharply from there. The team failed to qualify for the second major cycle of the season, lost its sponsor, and flopped hard at the StarLadder Minor Season 3. The transition to online regional leagues didn’t help the team either. This squad hasn’t had a set five-man roster since April, and currently has just three players are attached to the roster on a full-time basis:

  • David “Moo” Hull
  • Braxton “Brax” Paulson
  • Clinton “Fear” Loomis

This had a predictably negative impact on the team’s in-game prowess and could open the door for a team like Infinity Esports to score a win.

Business associates vs. Infinity Esports Great American Rivalry betting analysis

Business associates hasn’t actually been playing Dota 2 with a three-man roster. Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu and Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao have been serving as long-term stand-ins for the team since being dropped by Cloud9 and have performed reasonably well.

If business associates continues competing with Sneyking and EternaLEnVy on its roster in the Great American Rivalry, they should be able to beat Infinity without much trouble. If business associates plays without the veteran pair, it’s another matter entirely. With how shallow the North American talent pool is right now, business associates likely won’t be able to come up with a formidable roster if they don’t rely on their most proven substitutes.

That would open the door for Infinity to take a map. Markets aren’t open for the match on quite yet, but there’s some intriguing potential there if Infinity can catch business associates short-handed.

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