Arkosh Gaming promoted in DPC, mason leaks players’ identities

By Steven Rondina


May 23, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Arkosh Gaming is no longer just a meme team.

The anonymous, black metal-themed squad secured a spot in the upper division of the North American Dota Pro Circuit league with a win over 5ManMidas. The team finished with a 6-1 record in the league to lock in a second-place finish in the season. This will see Arkosh Gaming move up to the upper division alongside D2 Hustlers to replace SADBOYS and The Cut.

The victory will likely also have implications when it comes to qualifiers for The International 10, but those details are uncertain at this time. Regardless, the team that was initially cobbled together for a series of online showmatches has come a long way.

The series against 5ManMidas was a quick and decisive one as Arkosh Gaming blazed their way to victories in both games. The two wins came in under 30 minutes with Arkosh getting off to early leads and snowballing from there.

Though it was an impressive performance from Arkosh Gaming that will lead to some interesting things once the action returns, there was also some drama in the immediate aftermath of the game.

Arkosh Gaming player identities leaked by mason

A big part of the appeal of Arkosh Gaming is that the actual identities of the players is unknown. That wound up being busted wide open in the aftermath of this series, however.

Streamer and former pro player Mason “mason” Venne played for Arkosh Gaming on his main account, rather than as Pale Horse. Arkosh Gaming discussed this on its Twitter account:

It’s not entirely clear whether Arkosh Gaming was serious or whether this was actually a standard substitution. Other rumored members of the team have publicly announced they are traveling, so it’s possible that Arkosh was forced to find a fill-in and brought in Mason to fill in the gap.

Something that was crystal clear in regards to the Arkosh Gaming identities was that mason seemingly leaked the identities of two of Arkosh’s players in the post-match interview. mason was asked who was the most vocal member of the team over comms and he specifically discussed Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins and Jason “Newsham” Newsham.

Jenkins seemingly leaked his own identity during a stream while looking over stats, revealing that he was logged into his browser with an account named “Gremlo.” Meanwhile, Newsham had long been a rumored member of the team. Given that a significant part of Arkosh Gaming’s appeal is the team’s anonymity, it’s unknown how fans will respond to this sudden reveal.


Who is on Arkosh Gaming?

Jenkins and Newsham are effectively confirmed as being a part of Arkosh Gaming, but mason’s status remains uncertain.

Rumors have primarily pointed to Brian “BSJ” Canavan as the real Pale Horse in the past, but he is also officially listed as the team’s coach. This was seemingly leaked in the past by a commentator, and BSJ is likely preparing for a flight to the Ukraine where he will serve as talent for the WePlay AniMajor.

Outside of those players, a long list of casters and former players have been rumored to be a part of the team in the past. The list includes Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas, Nick “GOD_Z” Zhang, Kevin “Purge” Godec, and more. None of them have been explicitly linked to the team thus far but the move to the upper division could change that.