Alliance says farewell to Dota 2 roster as team seeks new home

By Olivia Richman


Sep 26, 2019

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In a heartfelt statement, Alliance revealed that their Dota 2 roster is parting ways with the organization. 

According to the announcement the squad comprised of Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi, Michael “miCKe” Vu, Max “qojqva” Bröcker, Samuel “Boxi” Svahn, and Tommy “Taiga” Le had expressed their desire to “try a new environment,” leading to Alliance and the roster mutually parting ways.

“Today, we have a hard announcement to make. We’ve worked hard to not give you this news, but sometimes things can’t work out the way you want them to. Today, we announce that Micke, Insania, Boxi, Taiga, and Qojqva will be leaving our family to join another organization for the next DPC season,” read the beginning of Alliance’s long press release

The Dota 2 team is now officially released from their contracts.  

“I’d like to thank Alliance for everything they did for us these past two years.They believed in us through the roughest times and I will always appreciate the support we were given. More than that, I’m glad to have worked with such wonderful people who have helped me grow not only as a Dota player but also as a person. It’s in hopes of being able to continue that growth, that we move on to a new adventure,” iNSaNiA said.

One of these “wonderful people” iNSaNiA referenced was coach Jonathan “Loda” Berg. He called the Dota 2 team’s departure a “sad day” for Alliance. He called them a “team we love,” and he recalled not only the hard work and long nights, but also the happy times and the pride the team felt throughout their journey with Alliance. 

“We’ve been able to build a team from scratch together with these players and show that it’s possible, even without having the most well-known players. We know how to build teams, it’s in our core,” Loda added. 

Alliance’s Dota 2 team finds success, qualifies for TI


It wasn’t an easy road for Alliance’s Dota 2 journey. That’s what most likely makes their departure all the more tough for Alliance staff. 

“We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but what matters the most is that you guys were there to support us at our lowest. I will miss working with you,” miCKe said, noting that Alliance had become his friends and family throughout the last two years. 

One of the “devastating defeats” that Loda mentioned in his farewell was Alliance’s failure to qualify for The International last year. But despite this disappointing moment in the roster’s history, Alliance managed to receive a direct invite to TI9. While they ended up in 13th place, their performance proved that the squad was only getting stronger. 

Just one month earlier, Alliance had placed first at the Dota Summit 10 event. 

“Our Dota 2 division has worked immensely hard to get where they are today,” read the announcement. “Together we’ve been through amazing highs, and devastating lows. Micke even battled an injury and made it back to the very top after being gone from Dota for months. It’s been a privilege to see them grow under Loda’s leadership.” 

The future of Alliance in Dota 2


While the organization couldn’t seem to express their sadness enough, Alliance also seemed confident about their future in Dota 2. 

“Of course, we’re sad to see them go. But at the same time, we’re confident that the strong Alliance legacy will continue. Dota is in our blood and in our very foundation. We are excited to continue our path in being one of the strongest names in Dota 2 history,” read the announcement. 

Alliance reassured their fans that, while they are continuing to remember the good times with their former Dota 2 team, they’re focused “100% on the future.” In fact, they are hoping to take Alliance even further. Their eyes are currently on The International 10, which happens to be in Stockholm, Sweden, the organization’s home turf. 

“With the departure of our Dota 2 team, this does not change our goal of playing at the main stage in Globen next TI. We are dedicated to our goal of building a new world-class roster and look forward to show you what’s next,” the team said. 

Alliance then thanked their fans for being there through “the highs and the lows,” adding that every cheer and every piece of fan art kept them going. 

“And do not forget, Alliance is back – we’re not going anywhere,” the letter concluded. 

Alliance’s Dota 2 team departure part of a potential trend


Alliance isn’t the only organization to say farewell to their Dota 2 team this month. 

Team Liquid’s Dota 2 team recently parted ways with the organization after making it to the T19 finals. The elite team had stated that their plan was to start their own esports brand, rather than signing with another organization. 

They had been a part of Team Liquid since 2015. 

“While parting with friends is always a sadness, I am genuinely happy our players and the new adventure they are about to take. It isn’t every day that world class players take the leap to become team owners. They deserve this more than anyone,” Team Liquid CEO Victor “Nazgul” Goosens stated. 

Team Liquid is looking for a new Dota 2 team for the upcoming DPC season. 


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