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Aimlab releases hot new custom training map for Valorant

by | Apr 28, 2021

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Ranking up in Valorant may soon become a little easier for those willing to put in the practice. Aimlab has revealed custom Valorant maps designed to help players improve their aim. 

The popular aim training map brings good tidings for Valorant players who are stuck in the game’s lower ranks. Aimlab has partnered up with Riot to bring Valorant maps to its training facility to help players improve and ladder up in the game’s newest act. 

The training center has game-specific activities for a wide range of shooter games. Previously, Aimlab partnered up with Riot Games to add Valorant to its selection screen to create a smoother practice range in line with Valorant’s gunplay. The recent addition of a custom map confirms that this partnership has a lot of good in store for Valorant players. 

The official handle of the training center revealed custom maps based on Ascent and Haven’s blueprints. The simplistic maps will allow players to practice their aim, positioning, and angles. A preview video gave a peek inside all critical areas and sites of both the maps and more. 

Aimlab will have Valorant maps Haven and Ascent

Aimlab is one of the most accurate and reliable aim practice ranges for shooters. The game has long been in the use of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional and casual players alike, who sharpen up their aim in Aimlab before entering official matches. Valorant is the latest first-person shooter to get its custom range in Aimlabs. 

Aimlab offers thorough training courses for players who are trying to improve in specific areas. From reaction training, microflex, and aim tracking, Aimlab has everything related to the game you pick from options.

Here are all the courses that Valorant players can try: 

  • Ascent Headshot
  • Ascent Microflex
  • Ascent Wall Peek
  • Ascent Tracking
  • Haven Trigger Discipline 
  • Haven Entry

These courses will help players work on their weaknesses in the game and master valuable skills like flicking, wall peeking, holding angles, and drilling one-tap headshots. Map-specific training improves in-game performance may times over since it heavily increases pre-fire potential and accuracy. 

Valorant players are often seen complaining about inaccuracy and subpar gunplay. While Aimlab can’t fix how weapons work in Valorant, training can surely help players adjust to Valorant’s unique gunplay. 

Players can download the training game Aimlab for free from steam and hop in Valorant custom maps. 

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