Overwatch League celebrates GOATS meta with two live goats

As if Overwatch League fans weren’t complaining about the amount of GOATS on stage already, a recent Watchpoint pre-show introduced two more to worry about.

The live goats, Lucio and Brigitte, didn't seem too amused either, reluctant to walk through the boisterous and cheering crowd.

Before the special guests were announced, Overwatch League analysts and commentators discussed the history of GOATS. Popularized by a Contenders team with the same name, the GOATS comp is comprised of three tank and three support heroes. It took only six months for the composition sparked by Brigitte's introduction to completely take over the meta, with New York Excelsior “perfecting” the composition back in Season 1.

With new support hero Baptiste threatening to change the meta, the league said it wanted to immortalize GOATS before its possible downfall in Stage 2. That’s when the “very special friends” were announced and essentially dragged onto the stage.

And that wasn't the end of the goat cringe.

After a short break, analysts made their predictions for the night. All three voted correctly for Paris Eternal, who beat Washington Justice 2-1. The majority then voted for Dallas Fuel, who ended up losing that night to Boston Uprising. The analysts also guessed incorrectly prior to the Atlanta Reign versus Chendu Hunters match, as the Hunters won the last match of the night 3-2.

Then there was the London Spitfire versus Seoul Dynasty match. All three humans ath the desk voted for London Spitfire with the crowd bursting into cheers of approval. Next, it was the goats’ turn. The hosts placed two buckets in front of goats Lucio and Brigitte. One bucket of food had London Spitfire’s logo, the other had Seoul Dynasty's. Lucio immediately ran over to Spitfire, while Brigitte refused to even take a step forward. In the end, they gave her the Seoul Dynasty bucket to eat out of, which she apprehensively took one bite out of.

The Seoul Dynasty ended up dominating the London Spitfire 3-0.

seoul dynasty defeat london spitfire

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