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Valorant pro Germsg accused of match fixing in Singapore

A Singaporean Valorant pro who was competing in the Ignition Series has been accused of match fixing. 

Another player from Singapore, Calel, shared a Google doc that exposed fellow Singaporean Germsg purposely throwing matches in order to win money. The tournament in which Germsg allegedly purposely lost to win money off of several bets was the Epulze Royal SEA Cup, which was a $25,000 tournament in the Ignition Series' Southeast Asian region. 

Screenshots in the document revealed Germsg talking about the bets, purposely throwing matches, and receiving over $4,000 for purposely losing matches while competing with Team 600. At one point, Germsg can even be seen telling other players that his manager doesn't suspect anything. 

"Who knows how much more he might have won in other games," Calel wrote. 

Team 600 most recently competed in the Valorant Champions Tour Malaysia as well as the Singapore Stage Two Challengers Two event. It's unclear what other tournaments Germsg has purposely rigged if any. There's no proof of further match fixing in Calel's document. The current screenshots provided have also not been proven as authentic, although they appaer to be very convincing. 

Germsg has yet to respond to Calel's allegations. Riot Games has also not responded to the accusations either. 

How does match fixing work? 

Match fixing is usually when a player purposely loses a match to win money that has been bet on the opposing team. By controlling the results of the game, or even smaller details within the game, the player and other bettors can win money they've bet on the outcome. 

Can you go to jail for match fixing?

Match fixing is a serious offense and can lead to multiple years in jail depending on the country or state in which the offender is found guilty. Match fixing corrupts the integrity of the tournament and cheats other bettors out of potential winnings. 

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