FPX suspends Bo after match fixing confession, LPL investigating

FunPlus Phoenix jungler Zhou "Bo" Yang-Bo has been suspended after admitting to match-fixing. 

FPX states that organization staff approached Bo over suspicions of match-fixing during the 2020 LDL Summer Split. The LDL is functionally academy league of the LPL. Bo told the organization that he had been "coerced" into match-fixing during the split, but no details were given in regards to which matches this occurred during. Bo is suspended by FunPlus Phoenix for the time being "to ensure fairness of the LPL competition."

The news was first shared on FPX's official Weibo. The prominent Chinese organization explained that it "respects the playing field and the spirit of competitive sports." FunPlus Phoenix also wrote that it will "not tolerate" any behavior that "undermines the fairness and impartiality" of any tournament. 

The LPL has responded to FunPlus Phoenix's public announcement, stating that the LoL Professional Event Discipline Management Team has started investigation procedures. The discipline team has enlisted a third-party law firm to "uphold the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness" regarding the situation. 

Bo FPX match fixing

"League of Legends will take seriously any violation of discipline, professionalism or disruption of the normal event order by League of Legends professionals and will resolutely safeguard the fairness of the League of Legends gaming competition and the healthy development of the gaming ecology," the LPL said in a statement

FunPlus Phoenix in awkward spot after losing its jungler

Many LoL fans expressed concern for FunPlus Phoenix, stating that the organization was innocent in this situation. Bo's match-fixing occurred during his time with eStar Young and there is no suspicion surrounding FunPlus Phoenix's games since his signing in December 2020. Bo was a very promising young talent in the League of Legends scene up until this point and this will likely prove to be a serious hit to his prospects moving forward. 

For now, Bo has been benched from the organization's main roster. He won't be playing until the investigation has concluded. 

The LDL is unfortunately no stranger to match-fixing. In 2019, Rogue Warriors Shark was disqualified from the LDL Playoffs for match-fixing. The organization was also fined $420,000. Later that same year, players on LGD Gaming were also found guilty of match-fixing. One of their players, Song "Hesitate" Ziyang, was given a lifetime ban from all League of Legends events. 

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