First big balance patch changes Wingman, Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has its first big balance patch, and it includes some major changes.

The biggest adjustments featured in the patch are changes to the popular Wingman and the dominant Peacekeeper shotgun. In addition, developer Respawn Entertainment is changing the hitboxes for larger characters in Season 1.

The Wingman will be adjusted to no longer be the unstoppable force it has proven to be at both professional and casual levels of play. Its base hip fire spread is being increased, making the weapon less accurate, while its rate of fire will concurrently increase to compensate. The hand cannon’s headshot damage is taking a direct nerf, multiplying damage at 2.25 percent rather than at the original 2.5 percent.

The changes won’t make the Wingman any less powerful in medium range skirmishes, but will dull its use as a catch-all solution, making it less of a required selection for players.

The Peacekeeper will rechamber shells less quickly based on which shotgun bolt is equipped, making it less oppressive to opponents at medium ranges and sometimes stronger in close quarters. It’ll still be an extremely powerful shotgun, but like the Wingman, it won’t be as comprehensively strong.

Both the Wingman and the Peacekeeper have received a drop rate nerf to make them appear less frequently on the map, and the drop rate of energy weapons and energy ammo has been increased.

As for the Season 1 hitbox changes, only the larger characters will be affected. Prior to the patch, Gibraltar’s hitbox was 140% larger than that of Wraith, the smallest character in the game. Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic will all see a decrease in hitbox sizes, making it a little harder to melt them down during fights.

In addition to the hitbox changes, Caustic’s traps will get a slight buff, Bangalore’s Double Time passive will get a slight movement speed nerf, Lifeline’s Care Packages will no longer have a Level 4 armor and helmet chance, and Wraith’s Into The Void ability will have its cooldown increased from 20 to 25 seconds.

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