Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect calls out Valorant, says it needs new maps

Popular streamer Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV has been playing a lot of Valorant lately and he has some serious feedback for developer Riot Games. 

Dr Disrespect tweeted an intense moment from a Valorant match where he won the round by skillfully predicting what his opponent was going to do next. 

"I love this feeling," the Doc said during the stream. "Just knowing that I can read the fucking situation like it's nothing." 

Even though he was hype in the clip, Dr Disrespect had some critical words for Valorant developers within the tweet itself. He said the game was "somewhat addicting" but that there needed to be more fun maps in the rotation. He then invited Riot developers to reach out to him on his "flip phone," referencing a bit he often does in his streams. 

While Dr Disrespect came at the issue respectfully, it's clear that the streamer is wanting Valorant to come up with more creative map ideas. Dr Disrespect has helped design maps before, including some for Call of Duty and even a Rogue Company map themed after his streaming persona. 

Riot developers respond to Dr Disrespect's on new Valorant maps

Being a big-name streamer has a lot of perks. One of them is getting direct responses from game developers when you reach out to them. Soon after The Doc tweeted his request, Riot's 3D environment artist Lydia Zanotti replied regarding the request for new maps in Valorant.

"I'll get you more maps. I promise," Zanotti tweeted back. 

While a lot of fans responded to the exchange with hopes that Dr Disrespect would be given a chance to design a map, Zanotti's response doesn't indicate that this is currently on the table. Instead, it looks like Riot will most likely be utilizing their own development team to come up with more maps in the near future. 

Developers have already revealed that more maps are in the works that will bring about new ways to explore the agents' abilities and new ways to play the game. So even if Dr Disrespect doesn't get to help, it seems that maps are definitely on the way. 

In response to Zanotti's promise of more maps, some Valorant players asked for them to focus on fixing Icebox instead. Others begged for community maps. This is something that fans have continuously asked for. Developers have already addressed this in the recent past, stating that they wanted to integrate more official maps into the game before opening it up to the community. 

"We don’t have any plans for community maps, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen," Zanotti said. "Valorant isn’t even a year old yet and we have so many other things we want to do first... And we want to do them right."

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