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Valorant player ReFleck banned for hacking on live stream

Aspiring Valorant professional player ReFleck was recently caught cheating on the live stream in a match against Dignitas' all-female roster. 

As if Valorant bans are already not severe enough, ReFleck had to bear the embarrassment of receiving one on a live broadcast. Consequently, the player has removed himself from the internet. 

Dignitas' Juliana "showliana" Maransaldi shared the "hacker detected" screenshot on Twitter, followed by the original clip from a private organization, the Anti-cheat-police department, allowing a peek into the scrim. 

Dignitas all-female roster's scrim was interrupted by Vanguard's infamous red screen, detecting a hacker in-game. Since it was a friendly match, the players were shocked as to who could possibly be hacking. It turns out, ReFleck was cheating throughout the game.

According to the video snippet, ReFleck was trying out for a professional team while he was hacking. As soon as the clip got out, ReFleck deactivated his socials and removed himself from Liquipedia and

While Valorant has recently been stagnated with hackers trying to push rank, ReFleck's incredibly high MMR was what's surprising for the fans. According to the Anti-cheat-police department, the player had hit rank seven in the competitive ladder. After the clear-cut ban, it's hard to say that ReFleck climbed up the ranks with sheer skills. 

 “The player known as @ReFleckFPS has been banned live in a scrim against the female team of @dignitas the player was rank 7 seems like vanguard is just on a roll to finding these closet," ACPD said

ReFleck gets banned on Livestream

Riot Games' shooter has recently observed a rise in hackers and cheaters despite a stalwart anti-cheat system. High ranked players like ReFleck have made it challenging for worthy players to obtain a spot on Valorant leaderboards. Riot Games' revamp of rank has already made ranking up a herculean task, and a toll of hackers only squeezes the fun out the game. 

Anti-cheat lead Paul “Arkem” Chamberlain revealed that lack of reports against suspicious players plays a crucial role in a flawed ban system. 

"97% of players have never even received a single report— no one has ever found their behavior suspicious enough to comment on. I want you all to report more, whenever you see something suspicious in your game please use the report system so we can see it too," He said

Fortunately, the toll hasn't missed the developer's eye as it continues to tackle the hackers. Most recently, Riot Games teamed up with Bungie to take down a website distributing hacks among Valorant and Destiny 2 players. ReFleck's incident further proves that despite a rise in hackers, the Vanguard is still working actively to filter out the defaulters from Valorant. 

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