Cosmic Skarner

Riot adds 10 new LoL skins, including additions to Cosmic line

Riot Games is back with a new set of skins to close out 2020. 

A total of 10 champions will receive new in-game cosmetics, judging from the latest Public Beta Environment update. This includes additions to the Cosmic skinline for Nidalee, Hecarim, Illaoi, Anivia, Nami, Vladimir, and Varus. 

Furthermore, Lissandra will be receiving a Dark Cosmetic skin while Soraka will get a Prestige Star Guardian skin to spice the supportive healer up even more. 

The Cosmetic skinline is already in the game, where champions such as Xin Zhao, Lulu, Ashe, Master Yi, and others are included. There are also currently two Dark Cosmic skins in the game including Lux and Jhin.  

The new skins will be available for testing on PBE until they hit live servers. With this many new skins, Riot is delivering on its recent skin update where it seemed like the initial goal of 140 new skins in 2020 would be exceeded

Riot has also clearly focused on giving some forgotten champions a skin before the end of the year. Champions such as Skarner and Illaoi rarely receive new skins. Illaoi currently has just two skins available in the shop, despite being released five years ago. Skarner has a bit more skins to choose from, but the Crystal Vanguard hasn’t gotten a new skin since April 2015. 

All skins are expected to arrive on live servers with patch 10.24, assuming they function properly on the PBE.