Evo Japan stream cuts out due to surprise sexual content

The Evo Japan stream got a little too hot for its host to handle.

The first day of festivities for the massive fighting game tournament in Japan opened with a special presentation featuring upcoming fighting game Dead or Alive 6. While one might expect that to include new characters or the game’s signature mechanics, things went off the rails and turned highly sexual.

Flanked by two models, one of the game’s developers had a prolonged discussion on the game’s “jiggle physics.” This was followed by a lengthy demonstration of how a power bomb, when paused at the right time, resembles a sexual act.

That didn’t sit well with Evo organizers, as the production team abruptly pulled the plug on the demonstration and Evo executive Mark “MarkMan” Julio later appeared on broadcast to apologize.

“The stuff that was on stream just recently from one of our partners does not reflect, of course, the content and intention of Evo,” MarkMan said. “We do apologize if we offended anyone during the broadcast.”

The event then continued on as scheduled.

The Dead or Alive series has always suffered from an identity crisis. Despite being comprised of legitimate fighting games that find a good balance between accessibility and depth, Dead or Alive is best known for its focus on fan service, which includes impractical costumes for female characters and exaggerated breast physics.

Developer Team Ninja seemed to be going in a different direction with Dead or Alive 6, telling IGN in June that the game wouldn’t have the same intense focus on sexuality as past installments. Whether that plan changed over recent months or this was just a wacky moment of live marketing remains to be seen.

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