Fans in uproar over poor quality Overwatch League jerseys

Fanatics, the new Overwatch League merchandise store, is already getting negative attention for one of its core products.

Reddit user PyroSSBM posted a picture of their new Atlanta Reign jersey, which is advertised on the website as bearing a steel gray color with black lettering. The post was titled “This is sad, I’m getting a refund”, and featured a picture of a steel gray jersey with barely visible lettering on its back.

PyroSSBM also mentioned in the thread that Fanatics had only offered them a refund.

“The most Fanatics offered me was a refund because as of now they don’t have any plans on white lettering,” the user said.

Comments poured in regarding the shoddy quality of the jerseys from fans who have bought the new designs.

Another user, Aftershok, noted the jerseys didn’t even feature all of the components of their real counterparts, such as player name lettering on the jerseys’ shoulders.

Many are comparing the new Fanatics storefront to the merchandise store from the inaugural season, Into the AM. User brunoa said that they’d ordered a Jjonak jersey last season and were actually sent an additional jersey by Into the AM in recompense for their original order having a slight color error. That sort of customer service and attention to detail would seem to be initially lacking in the latest iteration of the Overwatch League’s official online shop.

The support page for Fanatics is apparently busy responding to numerous customer complaints that have already come in prior to the season’s beginning. Although Fanatics services traditional sports as well, fans are concerned that these early issues could forebode a continued lack of quality.

No comment has been made by Overwatch League officials about the quality of the products or any plans to address problems customers are having.

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