New LoL champion Lillia revealed, Spirit Blossom event detailed

Melany M. July 7, 2020

League of Legends has revealed its 149th champion, who will be part of the Spirit Blossom event this summer.

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, is the newest champion to join Summoner’s Rift coming from Ionia. Over the weekend, an early look at the champion got leaked online. Fans started comparing Lillia with Neeko because of her innocent looks. Others called it a mix between Neeko and Hecarim. Lillia is a jungler with a kit that slows down enemies, deals magical damage, and puts them to sleep. This is the first jungler to join the game since 2017, when League of Legends added Kayn. 

The new jungler is part of the summer event called Spirit Blossom. According to the announcement early this year, this event will serve as the introduction for two new champions. Lillia is the first one to be revealed and the second is a “masked stranger who refuses to die". Many have speculated that the second champion could be Yone, Yasuo’s brother. On Yasuo’s lore, he has to fight his brother when Yasuo is wrongfully accused of murder. In the battle, Yasuo kills his brother, or so he believes.

More champions are set to join the game later in the year. Riot’s plan is to release at least one champion for each role this year. While this is the plan, Riot might end up with a handful of flex picks. 2020's first new champion Sett was intended to be a top laner, but has most commonly been played as a jungler or a support.

New LoL skins coming in Spirit Blossom event

Spirit Blossom skins for Teemo, Yasuo, Vayne and Thresh are also coming with the Spirit Blossom event. Teemo will have a prestige edition.

The exact date for the event is yet to be announced, but it should come with before the end of the month. All new content is hitting the PBE server soon.