Apex Legends streamer continues cheating after 10 accounts banned

The Apex Legends community is begging Twitch to ban a streamer for continuing to cheat in the competitive battle royale after being caught many times over.

A German streamer known as Lex4tor88 has had his account suspended by developer Respawn Entertainment over 10 times for using aimbots and other illegal hacking programs. Despite the setback, Lex4tor88 seems determined to keep streaming, as he has created more than 10 accounts to continue playing Apex Legends on Twitch. 

Professional Apex player for Team Reciprocity, WACKO, recently begged Twitch to permanently ban Lex from the streaming platform, but so far nothing has been done. He shared a clip on Twitter of Lex4tor88 using a hack on a live broadcast on December 23, tagging Respawn Entertainment developers and partners. 

"Don't cheat on stream," WACKO captioned the tweet. 

Twitch won't ban Apex Legends cheater

What has angered Apex Legends players even more than Twitch not taking any actions against Lex, is the cheater's loyal following on the platform. Despite having broadcasts titled "AIMBOT LIVE," Lex has around 4,000 followers. Many of these followers have been known to defend Lex when people come at him with cheating allegations. 

"Imagine defending someone who has 10+ banned accounts," WACKO said. 

Some gamers within the streaming community have been banned from Lex's chat for asking if he's cheating after noticing how poor his game awareness and movements are. Other clips appear to show Lex tracking his opponents perfectly. 

"Yeah his viewers and mods are crazy delusional, they seem convinced he's just getting banned from being good," one Reddit user noted. 

Lex4tor88's cheating is so blatant that other Apex Legend players are starting to wonder if his mods and followers are just trolling. 

"I'd be willing to bet they're in on the joke and are just talking shit. I mean, it sounds like the fellow blatantly advertises that he's doing this," another Redditor speculated. 

Lex often goes on Twitter to rant about how annoying it is to deal with online cheaters as a "professional player." He also claims to be "the most famous Apex player" in his Twitch bio. While he remains quite calm when things go his way, like they do in this clip, where aimbot is quite clearly on display, he can get a little emotional when matches aren't in his favor. 

What do you think? Godly Apex Legends player, or blatant cheater?

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