Apex Legends community poll reveals which legends need nerfs

Over 1,900 Apex Legends players voted on which legends they feel to be rebalanced in Season 3. 

The detailed chart revealed that the Apex community felt that the legend most in need of a buff was Mirage. His passive, Encore, was one of the main things players pointed out. Almost 1,200 voters said it was "bad," since his ability to become invisible is often noticeable and therefore not very effective. 

Bloodhound was the second legend that the Apex Legends community felt was in need of a buff, with 82% of voters saying so. Most of the voters who said Bloodhound needs some improvements pointed to his tactical. Almost 1,000 voters felt that Eye of the Allfather, which tags enemies within its radius, wasn't that useful. A little over 30% of voters also felt his passive and ultimate were not too impressive. 

Wraith and Pathfinder were voted most in need of a nerf. 77% of people who felt that Pathfinder was too powerful pointed to his tactical, which is a grappling hook that gives him immense mobility. Wraith's Into the Void is another high mobility tactical that fans want nerfed. 52% of the players who voted her to be too strong mentioned Into the Void as the reason, while 72% said it was her dodgy hitbox. 

85% of voters felt that Lifeline was balanced, although the people who felt she was underwhelming blamed her ultimate, Care Package. While grabbing strong armor is always a possibility, there's a chance that Lifeline's ultimate offers nothing of importance. Bangalore had 83% of voters saying she also felt balanced. 

The newest legend, Crypto, has apparently been underwhelming for Apex Legends players thus far despite the immense build-up to his release. 68% felt he needed a buff, mostly due to his tactical, Surveillance Drone, which reveals enemies hiding nearby. His ultimate wasn't too far behind. Despite emitting an EMP blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps, 34% of voters felt that Drone EMP was underwhelming. 

Many people on Reddit pointed out that the votes could be skewed, since the meta and play style in ranked is quite different from that which is found in casual matches. Some things that people find useless in a more casual setting, like Pathfinder's passive, are actually seen as critically important in some ranked circles.

Check out the full results of the community vote here

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