Three saucy 7.33 builds straight from DreamLeague grand finals

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 25, 2023

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The grand final of DreamLeague Season 19 was the debut of 7.33 in competitive Dota 2, and pros get to put their theory-crafted builds right to the test.

Dota 2 7.33 has hit the pro stage, and the world’s best players have already gotten to work tinkering with the massive new map, long list of mechanics, and addition of Muerta to captain’s mode. However, the new items and item reworks added to the game didn’t go unnoticed. Pro players immediately switched up their builds to take advantage of 7.33’s new tricks.

Is Dagon rush the new way to play Timbersaw?

DreamLeague showed off quite a few new builds for patch 7.33, but the most eye-popping of all is definitely Dagon Timbersaw. Michał “Nisha” Jankowski opted for this wonky build-in game one of the series, hitting Bracer, Arcane Boots, Soul Ring, Aghanim’s Scepter, and Dagon 1 at 21 minutes. This build maximized magic damage, making it useful for taking out GG’s squishy lineup.

Dagon received a few changes in 7.33, but the biggest one is that it now instantly kills creeps at level one. For a hero like TImbersaw, it can function as both a sudden magic burst tool and a farming option. Nisha occasionally used it to flash farm camps along with double Chakram. Your ranked teammates may raise their eyebrows, but you can win them over by insta-killing the enemy supports.

Harpoon pushes Sven into the top tier of carries

Harpoon is a useful item on a variety of melee heroes, but Michael “miCKe” Vu thinks Sven makes the best use of it. The safe lane star opted for the build in both games two and three, which both ended in Liquid’s favor. His build in both games was Power Treads, Echo Sabre, Blink Dagger, and Black King Bar into Harpoon, though he took a break for Silver Edge against Quinn Callahan’s Sniper. 

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Harpoon is an amazing tool on almost all melee heroes, but it covers Sven’s weakness particularly well. It allows him to close the gap between ranged heroes after Storm Hammer, preventing him from being kited. The stats are also quite useful, and the Echo Strike effect scales perfectly into the later stages. As long as all the other bases are covered, Harpoon builds should become the standard for melee cores in 7.33.

Disperser builds are the new hotness in 7.33

Longtime Dota 2 players can recognize quite a few “new” abilities and items in 7.33, and Disperser is among them. This new 7.33 item essentially functions as the old Diffusal Blade from before patch 7.07, and pros think it fits into tons of different hero builds. In the five-game series, the item appeared twice on Slark and once on support Riki, proving its efficacy across roles.

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What makes Disperser interesting is its tacked-on buffing effect. It can be used to give allies a sudden burst of speed as well as purge negative effects like Dust of Appearance and most damage-over-time effects. It’s somewhat similar to Harpoon in that it allows heroes to keep a tempo item alive in their inventories once the game starts to get heavy. Mana burn is essential for many strategies, and Disperser keeps the technique alive for much longer than before.


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