Apex Legends lore reveals new info on Octane and Lifeline

Respawn Entertainment released a video that dives deeper into Apex Legends lore. 

The video revolves around a texting conversation between Octavio Silva, known as Octane, and Lifeline, whose real name is Ajay Chey. Their heated discussion reveals that Octane tricked Lifeline in order to ensure he got robotic legs. 

At the start of the conversation, Octane talks about his decision to leave the hospital after receiving his new legs instead of allowing doctors to perform some tests on them before being discharged. He tells her that they are working great after he "bolted" from the hospital. 

"Do they now? We wouldn't know because the doctors haven't even checked them out! Get off that train and get back here!" Lifeline exclaims in response. 

Later in the conversation, it's revealed that Octane convinced Lifeline to give him the biotic legs in the first place by faking a job offer from his parents at Silva Pharm. When Lifeline finds out she's been lied to, she's less than pleased. She admits that she risked her life to save him after he used a grenade to launch himself in a world record jump attempt. 

Octane tells her that he owes her one for making sure he doesn't end up bedridden from his legs being blown off. He also adds that he should have jumped higher before setting off the grenade. He then starts speculating if his trust fund will cover the cost of a jump pad. 

Lifeline then blocks him. 

The video was met with positivity from the Apex Legends community, who seemed appreciative at being given some lore on their favorite legends. While many found it simply humorous, others wondered if there was more to Lifeline and Octane's relationship than developers let on in the video. 

Octane was released at the start Season 1. He's an addrenaline junkie who relies on his speed and mobility to stay ahead of his competitors. Since his introduction into the game, fans have not learned much about his backstory. 

Lifeline, on the other hand, has been featured in some Apex Legends lore before. Earlier in the year, Respawn revealed a letter written by Lifeline's biggest fan. The letter outlined how she had allegedly saved a mercenary, while also inspiring him to leave his murderous life behind and  instead pursue his passion for the arts.

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