Bdosin wants London Spitfire to win every match in Stage 4

The London Spitfire defeated Dallas Fuel 3-1 in their first match of Stage 4. The match was their chance to flex their mechanical skills after the 2-2-2 role lock. 

Support main Seung-tae "Bdosin" Choi thinks it's just the beginning for the Spitfire. In fact, he's confident his team won't drop a single game in Stage 4 on their road to the playoffs. spoke with Bdosin about how 2-2-2 affected his role as a support and which DPS hero he wishes he could play in Stage 4. 

How are you feeling about the win against Dallas Fuel today? 

Bdosin: Especially because of the break between stages, it feels like it’s been a while since we won a match. It feels really good. We are focused on what’s ahead of us and want to end on a really high note. 

What were you expecting the outcome to be? 

Especially because of 2-2-2, everyone is playing opponents with a blindfold on. We were thinking 50/50 against Fuel, since they’re a strong team in a two-DPS meta. 

Do you feel that 2-2-2 will benefit your team? 

I do think it’s good for us, since our team has DPS that can carry a game.

Are there any teams that you feel might not perform as well as they did in Stage 3 because of the role lock? 

Vancouver, but only because they’ve been so dominant in the first three stages. I don’t think they’ll be as dominant because of the meta changes. 

As a support, do you see the new role lock affecting your play at all? 

I think it’s still the same. You stay back, heal, do damage. It’s pretty similar. 

Did you play any heroes today that you didn’t get to play as often in Stage 3? 

I think that I got to play everything I wanted to, Zenyatta and Ana. I wish that I could play was Roadog and Tracer, but I can no longer play them.

What do you like about playing Tracer? 

She’s really strong, she’s really fun, and she’s hard to kill. When I used to play Tracer, I wasn’t playing her from a DPS position. My role was a little different than what a DPS Tracer would do. It was unique in that aspect. 

How was your playstyle different?  

Typically, when a DPS plays Tracer it’s to focus down a couple targets along with the tanks. But when I play her from a support position, it’s more to stop the enemy Tracer from advancing and to harass their back line so that we can get positional advantages. 

How did you feel about GOATS? 

Personally, I had a lot of fun with it. In GOATS, Zenyatta is a primary source of damage who can land headshots. I personally had a lot of fun, even though our team didn’t perform exceptionally well. 

You also played a lot of Ana. How did you know when to choose which hero? 

Part of it is our coaching staff's suggestions. But the big thing is to see what your opponents are playing and then what we are playing. 

When did you know when to play Ana today? 

I think today specifically we picked a lot of Ana when defending. When you’re defending points or cargo, and don’t know what opponents composition will be, she’s a bit safer to play the first blind round out. 

What do you like about playing support in general? 

Based on my position right now, I can play heroes that both heal and do damage. You can jump between those two roles. 

Which team are you most excited to play against this stage? 

Houston. Last year, we didn’t win a single match against them in the regular season. But this year, we beat them during the earlier half of the year during GOATS. I want to see how we fare against them this time around. 

Do you think you have what it takes to beat them? 

It's 50/50. 

What are your goals this stage? 

To win every match.

Do you think you have what it takes to do that? 

Yes, as long as we don’t get complacent.

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