G2 Wunder uses MS Paint to send a message during live LEC game

In the June 15 LEC clash between G2 Esports and Vitality Esports, Martin "Wunder" Hansen gave a little treat to Pro View spectators by writing a message in Microsoft Paint during the game.

The game featured several surprises, such as Luka “PerkZ” Perković bringing Pyke into the bottom lane and the first victory in the LEC for new support champion Yuumi. But it was the MS Paint incident that stole the show.

It happened just over 15 minutes into the game, with G2 up by nine kills to five and Wunder having a personal score of 3/1/2. He minimized the League of Legends client, opened Microsoft Paint, and wrote the message “What is going on?”

It is unclear exactly what Wunder was referring to, but G2 would go on to convincingly win the game in just 25 minutes. The moment provides a glimpse into what happens during games and could suggest that some games are not taken as seriously as others. Of course it could also have just been Wunder being tempted to have a little fun with the viewers.

According to Riot rules, players are “prohibited from installing their own programs and must only use programs provided by the league on site.” Seeing as MS Paint was already installed on the machine Wunder used, it is unlikely to be seen as a contravention of the rules.

From  the beginning of the summer split, fans have been able to purchase Pro View, a service that allows viewers to follow individual players on stream along with the main broadcast. Without that service, moments like this would have been impossible to see. Fans can access the new service at lolesports.com.

G2 remain undefeated since their MSI 2019 finals victory over Team Liquid, setting up a tantalizing match against Fnatic on June 21 as both teams are 4-0 in the LEC Summer Split thus far.