The Happy Hob suspended from Twitch after sexually charged joke

By Olivia Richman


Feb 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Nobody knows for sure why Aiden “The Happy Hob” Mason was suspended from Twitch, but the streaming community is furious anyway. 

The Happy Hob is known best for his no-hit Dark Souls runs and trademark dark humor. The popular streamer shared on Twitter that he was suspended for 14 days, but he didn’t specify exactly why. In fact, it seemed that The Happy Hob himself did not know why he had been suspended from the popular streaming platform. 

Even though The Happy Hob never shared why he was banned, fans have started speculating that it was from a joke deemed offensive by a viewer who later reported him. There are two jokes that fans of the streamer have pointed out. One is when The Happy Hob made a joke about someone “sucking his Happy Knob” while adjusting his belt off-camera. Another was a joke The Happy Hob allegedly made about murdering children. 

The Happy Hob suspension draws more anger to Twitch

While these jokes could be offensive to some, The Happy Hob’s fans were astonished at the duration of the ban. Many pointed out that a joke about fellatio got The Happy Hob banned for two weeks while female streamer MissBehavin was only suspended three days after she moved her underwear to the side to expose herself after a highly sexualized dance. This led The Happy Hob’s viewers to joke that he should have just “showed his asshole” in order to get a shorter punishment. 

For many in the Twitch community, the inconsistencies with Twitch’s suspensions have led to a great deal of frustration. Streamers have continuously called out the platform for favoring select female streamers who seem to get very light punishments for content that is much more sexually explicit than The Happy Hob’s joke or even Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ accidental showing of horse genitalia, which led to a ban that lasted more than 30 days

Neither The Happy Hob nor Twitch have officially disclosed the reason behind the streamer’s two-week ban.