Prize pool distribution for The International 2022 revealed

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 20, 2022

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The International 2022 may not have the prize pool fans were hoping for, but at least they now know its distribution.

Ignoring the money is important when judging the competition at The International, but more than $16 million is tough to forget about. While the prize pool is less than half of the previous years’, it’s still going to be the most lucrative esports tournament of 2022. Valve has finally released the prize pool distribution for TI11 halfway through the event, so now pro teams know exactly how much each game is worth.

The International 2022 teams that fall out of contention will walk away with the following cash prize based on place.

  • Champion – $7,643,600
  • Second place – $2,208,200
  • Third place – $1,528,700
  • Fourth place – $1,019,200
  • Fifth and sixth place – $594,500
  • Seventh and eighth place – $424,600
  • Ninth through 12th place – $339,700
  • 13th through 16th place – $254,800
  • 17th through 20th place – $41,900

While these numbers are listed on the official Dota 2 esports website, they are actually a little bit lower than what players will actually receive. The International 2022 prize pool continues to grow as the tournament goes on, especially with the recently released battle bundle.

Will The International have a smaller prize pool after 2022?

While putting up less than $40 million is a disappointment, it’s safe to say that future The Internationals will continue to have smaller prize pools from 2022 onwards.

With the current battle pass system, only money spent during the first half of the event contributes towards The International prize pool. It’s 25% just like in previous years, but Dota 2 players only had a third of the time to contribute to the purse. Once the second half of the battle pass kicks in on November 3, all proceeds will go entirely to Valve.

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This situation makes Valve more money and still provides enough to attract all of the top teams in the world. Even if the winning team of TI11 has never won a dollar before the event, the five champions will instantly become the 67th through 72nd highest-earning players in esports history with $1,528,720 each.


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