We know the Diretide release date, and it’s after TI11

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Diretide 2022 release date is designed to keep Dota 2 players entertained after The International, and it will likely let Valve keep a few extra millions of dollars from the pro scene.  

Diretide is one of the most memetic events in Dota 2. Starting in the early days of the game, it’s one of the few seasonal events that Valve continues to reiterate on. Diretide is confirmed to be returning to the game as part of The International 2022 Battle Pass reveal. Here’s the release date for Diretide and how it may change in 2022. 

When does Diretide 2022 start in Dota 2?

The planned release date for Diretide is November 3, 2022 after part one of the battle pass.

While Valve has already confirmed that Diretide will be active during part two of the battle pass, it hasn’t given an exact date specifically for Diretide. However, the battle pass page quietly lists November 3 as the start date for part two.

That makes it the most likely date, and it places the Halloween-themed event three days after the actual holiday. The second half of the battle pass will also bring a new batch of cosmetics and a mysterious candy shop.

How will Diretide change in 2022?

For players unfamiliar with Diretide, it is a competitive game mode where two teams attempt to collect taffy and deposit it into a cauldron. Whichever team collects the most candy wins after the timer ends. To spice things up, Roshan wanders in halfway through the battle to steal candy. He can attack players and curse teams with debuffs, making the mode even more hectic.

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However, Valve’s previous success with PvE event modes could hint at an ever bigger overhaul. Aghanim’s Labyrinth and the now-recurring Dark Moon are two of the most popular timed events while Year Beast and Diretide aren’t as well-remembered. The new version of the game could be a completely new mode where players battle computer-controlled opponents. There’s no way to know what Diretide will be until the November 3 release date after The International 2022.