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Here’s every Spectre skin in Valorant and how much they cost

by | May 13, 2022

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Reading Time: 8 min.

Valorant’s most used weapon after Vandal and Phantom comes in exciting animated and minimal skins. We have compiled a list of all Spectre skins in Valorant for your ease! 

The Spectre is one of the most overpowered budget-friendly weapons in Valorant. The SMG is accurate in both long and short-range, making it a no-brainer pick in half buy rounds. Some players may even prefer this SMG instead of rifles as it saves money and delivers the same results in close quarters. Considering the Spectre’s popularity, Riot Games has produced over a dozen luxurious skins. Here are all the Spectre skins in Valorant so far. 

All the Select Spectre skins in Valorant 

Select is the lowest, cheapest Valorant skin tier. Skins in the blue circle class are affordable and look like it.

They’re not a flex, but they add a touch of color to your inventory. Players often shop these skins for less-used weapons to fill up the collection. Select Spectre skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently three in this tier. 


Convex is the perfect skin to add some color to Valorant inventory without spending big bucks. The pastel green skin is minimal and feels light in the hands of the user. But it looks a lot like any other cheap skin in a battle pass. 

Price: Convex is priced at 875 VP. 


Valorant players asked for traditional FPS skins, and Riot Games delivered. The Infantry Spectre is clearly inspired by a real-life AK-47 with its dark brown hues and rusted-metal body. The simple skins are a statement piece despite a cheap price tag. 

Price: Infantry rotates in the store at 875 VP. 


Serene blue Luxe features geometrical patterns that add a little depth to a relatively simple skin. The white body looks like a cheaper version of the Ion Phantom, Valorant’s most popular skin. It’s a perfect choice for those who refrain from squandering money on virtual items but still want to enjoy skins. 

Price: Luxe costs 875 VP. 

All the Deluxe Spectre skins in Valorant

Deluxe skins are plain, old guns with minimal animations and sound effects. They are affordable for 1,275 VP per skin. Most of the skins in the deluxe tier have translucent exteriors playing a slightly animated scenic view inside the glass. There are six Spectre skins in this category. 


Ice-cold Avalanche Spectre has an illusionary glass-like body that shines in the sunlight. The blue-tinted guns hide a little bit of ice silver, adding a fun touch to rather bare skin. It has no special effects and variants, yet players prefer the gun for its winter aesthetic. It’s the perfect minimal skin for a low price. 

Price: 1,275 VP. 


This translucent skin comes in wholesome rainbow colors that shift throughout the game. It doesn’t have much detailing, but its signature Deluxe glass body is captivating. The cloud foam reflects yellow light, which is a mood-lifter in stressful competitive games. 

Price: Horizon costs 1,275 VP. 


Riot faced plenty of backlash after releasing Minima, which looked almost like the default black skins. Minima Spectre is also plain with squared corners and prominent screws. Subtle textures and matte polish are the only two things that set this skin apart from the default gun. 

Price: The matte black Spectre is pretty cheap at 1,275 VP. 


As evident from the name, Prism comes with a sheer iridescent body that is visually pleasant. The deep blue and purple Spectre makes for perfect, minimal skin. 

Price: Prism comes at 1,275 VP. 


Tigris is easily the best Deluxe skin that money can buy. The cheap Spectre is royalty with its deep red color and gold accent. Instead of the regular translucent body, Tigris features subtle textures on a red backdrop, highlighted by gold trim. 

Price: The luxurious skins cost only 1,275 VP. 


Wasteland was Riot’s take on the battleground bundle, patched up with scrap material. The metal Spectre has visible wires, buttons, tapes, and all sorts of material holding it together. For a cheap deluxe price tag, Wasteland Spectre is indeed a steal. 

Price: 1,275 VP. 

All the Premium Spectre skins in Valorant

The premium family has eight Spectre skins, and almost all are highly sought-after in Valorant. This tier is perfect for players who appreciate a good sound element but will pass on over-the-top animations. Premium skins are usually priced at 1,775 VP. 


The Reaver dupe Forsaken was an instant favorite among the fans for its regal exterior and attractive color scheme. The forest green body and its metal trims are hard to not like. However, players pick this exclusive Spectre for the sound element that adds style to each kill. The Forsaken Spectre comes in two color variants with VFX and a finisher. 

Price: Forsaken Spectre is priced at 1,775 VP. 

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (GUN) is one of the more underrated Valorant skins, as only a few own it in the current episode. It has a unique shape and color variant that distinguishes it from any other Spectre in Valorant. Tiny stickers, a pointed muzzle, and a puffed-up body are distinctive features of GUN Spectre. 

Price: 1,775 VP. 


The steampunk-themed Spectre is a centerpiece of every skin collector’s SMG collection. The crisp sound element of these rusty weapons isn’t the only selling point, but Magepunk’s iconic design is equally popular. With these uber-stylish skin, players get three other variants, animations, VFX, and a finisher that locks victims within a bulb, then shocks them with electricity.

Price: The steampunk Spectre costs 1,775 VP.


The Prime Spectre is Valorant’s most successful SMG skin so far. The sleek, gold, and silver gun has a faint electrical noise animation upon shooting, making popping heads more satisfying. It has a lightweight feel, something that movement-freaks prefer in their weapons. 

Price: Prime Spectre comes at 1,775 VP.

Radiant Crisis 001

Riot Games’ first-of-its-kind cartoon Spectre remains a hit. The plain grey skins are packed with animated fun that plasters fun stickers on the map. The animated effect on the sidearm can be a bit distracting, but the sound element makes up for it. Radiant Crisis Spectre doesn’t have variants, but its VFX and finishers are worth the premium price tag. 

Price: 1,775 VP. 


Recon bundle’s release crashed the Valorant store for all the right reasons. The camo skins are simple but come with randomizers and kill banners that make them special. They’re perfect for skin enthusiasts who like realistic weapons and not the signature Valorant guns with flashy animations. Recon Spectre has three variants players can pick from.

Price: Recon Spectre is priced at 1,775 VP. 


Artsy, creative, and dark, the Spline Phantom is owned by very few players, likely because it doesn’t have any mind-bending lore or theme. The wiry skins are available in beautiful gradient colors of blue, pink, green, and red. But it’s the crystal-encrusted web of veins that is the specialty of Spline Spectre. 

Price: Spline’s three variants and no animations cost 1,775 VP.


Valorant GO! Vol. 1 is one of the minimal, less flashy skins. Despite that, players quickly cop this skin from the store as it features agent art. The Killjoy-themed Spectre doesn’t have distracting animations, but it sure looks fierce in the hands of a duelist. 

Price: For 1,775, players get an agent-themed skin. 

All the Exclusive Spectre skins in Valorant 

There are four Spectre skins in the “exclusive” family. This is the second-highest tier in Valorant and features some of the most expensive bundles. All limited-edition cosmetics are released into this category with a price between 1,775 and 2,675 Valorant points for each gun skin. 


Riot introduced Nerf guns to Valorant in the shape of a vivid and flashy BlastX bundle. The Spectre weapon fires pellets that are colorful but deadly. The unique gift-pack animation was a nod to Christmas, but it’s also a hilarious way to mock enemies at the end of a round. 

Price: Black, yellow, and pink variants of BlastX cost a 2,175 VP.

RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro didn’t get much attention on release, but it eventually became a crowd-puller. The RGX Spectre has become a player favorite after professional players highlighted its smooth sound element and mechanical feel. For an exclusive price, RGX comes with three colorful variants. 

Price: VFX, animation, finisher, and kill counter of RGX Spectre costs 2,175 VP. 


Ruination was also a massive hit among the fans of players who like Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends. The collection was released as part of Riot Games’ Sentinels of Light event, based on Viego’s return to Runeterra. The Spectre was on the darker side, unlike the Sentinels of Light skins that would soon follow. 

Price: The Ruination Spectre costs 2,175 VP and has its own VFX finisher. The three red, purple, and green variants have unique sound elements that make shooting smoother. 


The mechanical exterior of Singularity remains unmatched a whole year after the game’s release. The dark body, in contrast with the electrical waves stuck inside the skin, is still popular among the fans of Singularity Spectre. This futuristic skin has its own finisher and three color variants. 

Price: 2,175 VP

Protocol 781-A is the only Ultra tier Spectre skin 

Protocol 781-A are Valorant’s only skins that talk. The Protocol is a high-tech bundle with a sci-fi touch. A red lightning tube can be seen throughout each body, with bullets glistening in red colors. The most notable part of the skin line is their voice element. A custom male voice for inspect animation and various other triggers in-game has been added to the new bundle.

Price: This unique Spectre sets players 2.475 VP back. 

These are all the Spectre skins in Valorant that players can acquire from the market. However, there are a few guns that were only attainable through a battle pass. These skins won’t appear in the market and are now stored exclusively in the inventories of those who played the pass. Here are the battle pass Spectre skins:

  • Aero
  • Hivemind
  • Hue Shift
  • Infinity
  • Kingdom
  • Polyfrog
  • Serenity
  • Striker
  • Velocity
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