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Here’s every Classic skin in Valorant and how much they cost

by | May 9, 2022

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Reading Time: 6 min.

The cheap and tiny Classic can be deadly in the hands of the right agent. With the perfect skin, the first-round pistol warrants a kill in style. 

Riot Games has rolled out dozens of skins for the Valorant arsenal since the game’s release in 2020. The assortment of cosmetics and their rarity keep players hooked to the top shooter of 2022. While some enjoy Valorant for its cut-throat competitive vibe, others are here just for the skins. 

Skin collectors may have a new item for each weapon, but serious players often go for just the essentials. Classic is one of the basic guns in Valorant, and most players have at least one skin to start their game on a high note. We have compiled a list of all the best Classic skins in Valorant so you can pick yours easily. 

Every Classic skin in Valorant 


Glitchpop is the perfect combination of lowlife and high-tech Cyberpunk theme that Valorant players love. The animated bundle comes with a unique VFX, animation, and finisher that plasters stickers all over the sky. Players opt for the Glitchpop Classic for its toy-like light feel, making the Classic right-click sound satisfactory. 

Price: The Glitchpop Classic is priced at 2,175 VP. 

Tier: Exclusive 

RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro bundle was a massive hit among the fans. Those who couldn’t afford the entire minimal yet futuristic bundle went for the Classic skin. The pricey collection came with four variants, VFX, animations, and a finisher. However, RGX 11z Classic’s kill counter was its selling point, which no other skin has. 

Price: The RGX 11z Pro Classic costs 2,175 VP. 

Tier: Exclusive 


Spectrum is easily the “aimbot” machine in the Classic category. The stark white Zedd collaboration bore a hefty price tag, but it’s worth every penny. Customized sound elements by Zedd add a satisfactory feel to each headshot, making Spectrum Classic a must-have to bag the first round. It comes with colorful variants and a finisher that kick starts a light show. 

Price: The Spectrum Classic is the most expensive skin for the sidearm at 2,675 VP. However, the three animated variants make up for their high cost. 

Tier: Exclusive 


The agent-themed Classic skin ultimately became a must-have for all Viper players. The glossy skin featuring a fierce drawing of Viper wasn’t as popular as other skins in Valorant, but it still sold well. The simple guns didn’t come with special effects, which players look for in all collections. 

Price: For 1,775, players get an agent-themed skin. 

Tier: Premium


Undercity is one of many greenscreen skins in Valorant, but it became popular for the mystery singer plastered all over the body. It looked like a replica of Glitchpop, but the addition of the unknown character made it more interesting. It also combines an ax and a blade for melee, which is always a plus. The Undercity bundle may repeat an old design, but it’s not dull by any means. 

Price: The greenscreen Undercity Classic skin bears a 1,775 VP price tag. Tier: Premium


Spline is easily one of the most underrated yet visually pleasing Valorant skins. The skeletal exterior encrusted with crystals adds a lightweight feel to the Classic skin. However, not many players own these guns in 2022. The wiry skins are available in beautiful gradient colors of blue, pink, green, and red. They don’t have any special effects like most premium-tier skins. 

Price: The crystal-encrusted Classic comes at 1,775 VP.

Tier: Premium

Radiant Crisis 001

Riot Games took cartoonish skins to a new level by introducing Radiant Crisis 001. The plain grey skins are packed with fun. The Classic in this bundle comes with a vibrant finisher that places hilarious banners on top of corpses. The animated effect on the sidearm can be a bit distracting, but the sound element makes up for it. 

Price: 1,775 VP with VFX finisher. 

Tier: Premium


The Prime collection is one of the most sought-after bundles in Valorant for its muted yet evergreen design. The golden Classic comes with three variants and a subtle sound element that is unmatched. Most Valorant professional players own Prime Classic for its pleasant and understated appeal. 

Price: With a gold, green, and orange finisher, Prime 2.0 Phantom comes at an affordable price of 1,775 VP. 

Tier: Premium

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

When it comes to unique skins in Valorant, Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster tops the list. The Classic skin has a fun body that swells in the middle and ends in a pointed metal nozzle. The sound element is also quite interesting. But, it is the silver-holographic color variant that sets this Classic apart from the rest. 

Price: For 1,775 VP, the gun comes in Black, Chrome, and RWB variants with unique VFX. 

Tier: Premium


Forsaken Classic may only have one variant, but it’s still quite a hit in the community. The minimal snake-skin style Classic is perfect for your competitive games. The Forsaken bundle is ideal for those who like the Reaver collection. 

Price: Forsaken Classic is priced at 1,775 VP.

Tier: Premium


Ice-cold Avalanche Classic is perfect for those who like simple guns. The blue-tinted guns shine a little bit of ice silver, adding a fun touch to rather plain skin. It has no special effects and variants, yet players prefer the gun for its winter aesthetic. 

Price: Avalanche Classic is pretty cheap at 1,275 VP.

Tier: Deluxe


Sakura has appeared in the market twice, so you may see many players own the entire bundle. The Sakura Classic is cheap, visually pleasant, and simple. Pink flowers on the white surface are calming and pretty, making it the best cheap Classic skin in Valorant. 

Price: Sakura Classic costs 1,275 VP.

Tier: Deluxe


Snowfall Phantom was released as part of Riot Games’ 2022 Christmas events. The translucent skin illustrates a scenic view of Christmas evening in a snow-laden place. It’s not animated, but the glass exterior adds a luxurious touch. 

Price: Snowfall Classic costs 1,275 VP.

Tier: Deluxe


Smite is pretty similar to Avalanche, except its unique texture is inspired by thunderstorms and the sea. The icy veins on the dark blue body add a nice gradient, making it an excellent cheap pick. It’s not entirely plain and boring, which may be why players pick this skin. 

Price: Smite costs 875 VP.

Tier: Select


Galleria is the closest Valorant skins would come to a traditional FPS game cosmetics. The simple yet colorful Classic features pastel color patterns on top of the gun. The rest of the pistol is rusty brown. It has no special effects or color features. 

Price: Galleria costs 875 VP.

Tier: Select

These are all the Classic skin in Valorant that players can acquire from the market. However, there are a few guns that are were only attainable through a battle pass. These skins won’t appear in the market and are now stored exclusively in the inventories of those who played the pass. 

  • Goldwing
  • Infinity
  • Kingdom
  • Prism
  • Red Alert
  • Songsteel
  • Striker
  • Surge
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