Sneaky Cypher setup

Cypher is still good in Valorant with this sneaky Pearl setup

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher isn’t the most popular sentinel in Valorant, but his camera is still irreplaceable. This new Cypher setup spot on Pearl might convince you to give him another shot. 

Pearl is one of the largest Valorant maps and its complex alleys make it tough to deal with. The underwater labyrinth challenges players to gain map control quickly. While defenders may struggle to rotate, attackers have a tough time playing post-plant. For these reasons, sentinels like Chamber outshine all other agents on Pearl. However, players may have discovered a trick only Cypher can pull off. 

Cypher is no longer a favorite in Valorant but he’s still capable of sneaky plays that’d throw off enemies. This trick could help players net some key round wins on Pearl.

This sneaky Cypher setup is too OP on Pearl 


Pearl has a complex mid-area that splits into two. Without a sentinel, watching flanks is impossible in this confusing location. Cypher’s traps may help slow down enemies, but this camera lineup scoops extra information at the round’s beginning. 

For this lineup, stand inside the restaurant and place the crosshair in the middle of the bricks. Aim under the left side of the hole and equip the camera. Keep jumping until Spy Cam finds the ideal spot and turns blue. Attach it inside the room to get a clear view of mid-entrance. 

This extremely useful setup is very tough to spot. Even if they do notice it, it either forces them to hold an awkward angle or puts them in danger if they try to deal with the camera. A teammate mid would be positioned able to pick them off if they try and break the camera. That makes this a very powerful camera, as enemies will either have to cede mid or take big risks just to deal with this lineup.

This and other tricks make Cypher a serious threat on Pearl. He isn’t as potent around Pearl’s spacious bomb points, but Cypher can play a massive role mid. His camera and traps are perfect for tangling up enemies in tight middle entries, helping the team focus on bomb points. Cypher’s sneaky camera on Pearl further cements his kit’s potential and keeps him relevant as he waits for some much-needed buffs in Valorant.