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371 Matches 227W 128L
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Astralis started as a player-owned organization borne out of the ex-Team SoloMid roster. At its inception, Astralis had the following players under its banner at the start of January 2016.

  •       Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz 
  •       Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
  •       Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth
  •       René “cajunb” Borg
  •       Finn "karrigan" Andersen

This original iteration of the Astralis roster is the same one that upset Fanatic at the MLG Columbus Major quarterfinals in 2016, just before losing to Natus Vincere in the semis. At the time, Astralis had a proven ability to power through group stages before stalling out in the playoffs. The constant struggle to progress created a mystique around the Danish team, one that would become the “Astralis Choke” meme.

After exhausting losses to OpTiC, Luminosity, and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis switched out cajunb for Marcus “kjaerbye” Kjaerbye. With the switch made, Astralis attended both ELEAGUE Season 1 and ESL One Cologne 2016. Unfortunately, the team was forced to use stand-ins for both events. Head coach Danny ”zonic” Sorrenson was forced to fill in for a late-arriving karrigan at ELEAGUE just before and Lukas “gla1ive” Rossander then stepped in for kjaerbye, who was ineligible for the 2016 Cologne Major due to his time with Dignitas. To make matters worse, Zonic had to once again step in during ESL One Cologne when dupreeh suffered acute appendicitis during the event. Somehow, Astralis made it through groups but lost to in the playoffs once again.

The end of the year saw more of the same for  Astralis, as playoff losses at several events in a row forced the team to remove karrigan, believing his calls to be the root of the team’s issues around closing games. In his place, Astralis would make the move that would eventually lead them to a historic run. Gla1ve returned to Astralis, not as a stand-in, but as the team’s new in-game leader.

For the next year, Astralis experienced little structural change. The roster flashed moments of brilliance from players like Xyp9x and Kjaerbye, with Astralis eventually winning their first tournament in over a year at the ECS Season 2 finals. There they defeated OpTiC Gaming after flying through both the group stage and the playoffs with ease.

The winning was short-lived, however. February saw Kjaerbye suddenly leave Astralis, the reasons for which are still unknown. While Kjaerbye joined North, Astralis signed Emil “Magiskboy” Reif. Now known as “magisk,” Reif would prove to be the missing piece that Astralis has struggled to find since even its time under the TSM name years prior. 

After competing in two tournaments together, the team managed to win DreamHack Marseille 2018 and did so by beating some of the best teams in the world in and Fnatic. The win also put the Danish team on the map for the IEM Grand Slam, which offered a $1 million bonus to teams that met certain qualifications. Astralis would have to win four out of ten events over a period of time to snag the bonus. 

After Marseille, Astralis’ Major win in London cemented the team as a conquering star. The Major title combined with Astralis’ IEM Grand Slam completion turned the Dane from a Danish team to the Danish team for the foreseeable future.

Astralis’ dominance over competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive continued over the course of the 2018 year. During this time, Team Liquid would become Astralis’ main challenger. Although Team Liquid lost to Astralis in five grand finals matchups over the latter half of 2018, Counter-Strike had a brand new rivalry.

After the 2018 winter break, 2019 saw Astralis slump early in the year. The team finally gave up a grand final to Team Liquid at iBUYPOWER Masters IV. Team Liquid added more firepower and a new coach to help surpass Astralis, and for the beginning of 2019, it worked. Despite Team Liquid taking the IEM Grand Slam Season 2 in a record 63 days, Astralis won both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors in 2019 at IEM Katowice and StarLadder Berlin.


2019-06-235-6thESL Pro League Season 9 Finals2019-05-112nd2019 BLAST Pro Series Madrid2019-04-14Main2019 BLAST Pro Series Miami2019-05-23MainESL Pro League 9 Europe2019-03-231st2019 BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo2019-01-202ndiBUYPOWER Masters IV2019-06-09MainEsports Championship Series Season 72019-03-031stIEM Katowice Major 2019 2018-12-151st2018 BLAST Pro Series Lisbon2018-12-091stESL Pro League Season 8 Finals2018-11-03QualifierBlast Pro Series Copenhagen 20182018-11-121stIEM Chicago 20182018-12-10MainESL Pro League Season 8 Europe2018-09-291stBLAST Pro Series Istanbul2018-09-231st2018 FACEIT Major London2018-07-291st2018 ELEAGUE CSGO Premier2018-02-255-8thSL i League StarSeries Season 42018-01-28Main2018 ELEAGUE Major2017-11-25BLAST Pro Series2017-10-142nd2017 ELEAGUE CSGO Premier2018-01-31MainESL Pro League Season 62017-09-19Main2017 ESL One New York2017-06-17The ELEAGUE Clash For Cash2017-07-233-4th2017 PGL Major Krakow2017-06-04MainESL Pro League Season 52017-01-291st2017 ELEAGUE Major2016-11-212016 IEM Oakland2016-10-02ESL One New York2016-12-04ELEAGUE Season 22016-10-242016 Epicenter Moscow2016-08-282016 Power LAN2016-11-29ESL Pro League Season 42016-06-202016 DreamHack Summer2016-07-102016 ESL One Cologne2018-11-251stEsports Championship Series Season 62018-09-022nd2018 DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018-07-083-4th2018 ESL One Cologne2018-05-072ndIEM XIII Sydney2018-05-201stESL Pro League Season 72017-11-20Main2017 IEM Oakland2017-10-294thEPICENTER 20172017-12-173-4thEsports Championship Series Season 42017-05-073-4thIntel Extreme Masters XII Sydney2017-03-051st2017 IEM Katowice 2016-09-11SL i League StarSeries XV2018-04-221stDreamHack Masters Marseille 20182018-06-111stEsports Championship Series Season 52018-03-053-4thIEM Season XII Katowice World Championship2017-09-035-8th2017 DreamHack Masters Malmo2017-06-253-4thEsports Championship Series Season 32017-04-102ndSL i League StarSeries Season 32016-12-20Esports Championship Series Season 22017-02-193-4th2017 DreamHack Masters Las Vegas2016-07-31ELEAGUE Season 12016-06-27Esports Championship Series Season 12016-04-03MLG Major Championship Columbus2016-02-21The Barcelona CSGO Invitational2016-05-15ESL Pro League Season 32016-01-242016 Dreamhack Leipzig Open2016-11-292016 WESG Qualifiers2016-04-172016 DreamHack Masters Malmo2016-03-062016 IEM Katowice2019-07-073-4th2019 ESL One Cologne2019-09-081st2019 StarLadder Berlin Major2019-09-292nd2019 ESL One New York2019-10-063-4th2019 DreamHack Masters Malmo2019-11-101st2019 IEM XIV Beijing2019-11-02Main2019 BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen2019-11-18QualifierESL Pro League 10 Europe2019-12-021stEsports Championship Series Season 82019-12-083-4thESL Pro League 10 Finals2019-12-141st2019 Blast Pro Series Global Final2020-02-16Main2020 Blast Premier Spring Regular Season2020-05-171stESL One Road to Rio EU2020-08-315-8th2020 ESL One Cologne Europe2016-02-25Aftonbladet Fight Night2020-10-253th2020 Dreamhack Open Fall2020-11-04Main2020 Blast Premier Fall Regular Season2020-03-013-4th2020 IEM Season XIV Katowice World Championship2020-04-193thESL Pro League 11 Europe2020-06-149-12th2020 DreamHack Masters Spring Europe2020-10-041stESL Pro League 12 Europe2020-11-225-8th2020 IEM XV Beijing Online EU2020-12-051st2020 DreamHack Masters Winter Europe 2020-12-132nd2020 BLAST Premier Fall Finals2020-12-201st2020 IEM XV Global Challenge2020-06-156-7th2020 BLAST Premier Spring Europe Showdown2021-01-242nd2020 BLAST Premier Global Final2021-02-13Main2021 BLAST Premier Spring Series2021-04-188-15th2021 Blast Premier Spring Showdown2021-05-095-6th2021 Dreamhack Masters Spring2021-05-305-6thFLASHPOINT Season 32021-06-13MainIEM Season XVI - Summer


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