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470 Matches 251W 200L
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2016-11-2917thESL Pro League Season 42016-12-046thELEAGUE Season 22016-11-295th2016 Northern Arena Montreal2016-11-216th2016 IEM Oakland2017-01-299th2017 ELEAGUE Major2017-06-044thESL Pro League Season 52017-03-0519th2017 IEM Katowice 2016-12-2022ndEsports Championship Series Season 22017-04-104thSL i League StarSeries Season 32017-06-256thEsports Championship Series Season 32017-02-1928th2017 DreamHack Masters Las Vegas2017-05-017th2017 DreamHack Austin2017-05-082nd2017 DreamHack Tours2017-07-236th2017 PGL Major Krakow2018-01-3115thESL Pro League Season 62017-09-1915th2017 ESL One New York2017-10-1411st2017 ELEAGUE CSGO Premier2017-11-255thBLAST Pro Series2017-11-2014th2017 IEM Oakland2018-01-285th2018 ELEAGUE Major2018-02-2511stSL i League StarSeries Season 42018-07-0818th2018 ESL One Cologne2018-09-3015th2018 ESL One New York2018-07-1417thDreamhack Open Valencia 20182018-09-2313rd2018 FACEIT Major London2018-10-2021stGG BET Shuffle2018-12-107thESL Pro League Season 8 Europe2018-11-047thCS Summit 32017-12-1711stEsports Championship Series Season 42017-10-2915thEPICENTER 20172018-03-0533rdIEM Season XII Katowice World Championship2018-05-2016thESL Pro League Season 72018-05-079thIEM XIII Sydney2018-04-2256thDreamHack Masters Marseille 20182018-10-2862ndEPICENTER 20182017-07-0913rd2017 ESL One Cologne2017-09-032nd2017 DreamHack Masters Malmo2018-06-115thEsports Championship Series Season 52018-11-2518thEsports Championship Series Season 62016-05-154thESL Pro League Season 32016-02-215thThe Barcelona CSGO Invitational2016-06-272ndEsports Championship Series Season 12019-03-0322nd2019 IEM Season XIII Katowice World Championship2019-04-144th2019 Charleroi Esports2018-12-097thESL Pro League Season 8 Finals2019-05-194th2019 DreamHack Open Tours2019-05-0512nd2019 IEM XIV Sydney2019-05-236thESL Pro League 9 Europe2018-12-027th2018 DreamHack Open Winter2018-12-154th2018 PLG Grand Slam 2019-03-312nd2018 World Electronic Sports Games2016-10-0217thESL One New York2016-10-2420th2016 Epicenter Moscow2016-07-1011st2016 ESL One Cologne2016-07-318thELEAGUE Season 12016-04-037thMLG Major Championship Columbus2016-09-117thSL i League StarSeries XV2016-04-1714th2016 DreamHack Masters Malmo2019-06-021st2019 DreamHack Masters Dallas


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