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385 Matches 185W 183L
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2019-06-293-4thGGBET Chicago Invitational2019-06-23MainESL Pro League Season 9 Finals2019-05-23MainESL Pro League 9 Europe2019-03-313-4thGGBet Sydney Invitational2019-06-02Qualifier2019 DreamHack Masters Dallas2019-05-05Main2019 IEM XIV Sydney2019-06-09QualifierEsports Championship Series Season 72019-03-03Qualifier2019 IEM Season XIII Katowice World Championship2019-02-072ndICE Challenge2019-02-03MainWePlay Lock and Load2018-11-043-4thCS Summit 32018-12-021st2018 DreamHack Open Winter2019-04-075-8thSL i League StarSeries Season 72018-11-265-8th2018 Toyota Masters Bangkok2018-11-12QualifierIEM XIII Chicago2018-12-10MainESL Pro League Season 8 Europe2018-10-20GG BET Shuffle2018-09-092018 DreamHack Open Montreal2018-09-302018 ESL One New York2018-09-30Games Clash Masters2018-06-042018 DreamHack Open Austin2018-06-182018 CSGO Asia Championships2018-04-012018 Copenhagen Games2018-04-092018 GG Origin 2018-02-25SL i League StarSeries Season 42018-02-11CS Summit 22017-12-28LooTBET Cup 22017-10-05SL iLeague Invitational Shanghai 20172017-11-052018 ELEAGUE Europe Minor2017-09-10ESG Tour Mykonos 20172017-10-142017 ELEAGUE CSGO Premier2018-01-31ESL Pro League Season 62017-07-162017 DreamHack Valencia2017-05-082017 DreamHack Tours2017-01-152017 DreamHack Leipzig2017-06-04ESL Pro League Season 52016-11-212016 IEM Oakland2016-11-292016 Northern Arena Montreal2016-11-29PGL European Minor Championship2016-10-162016 League of Sharks2016-09-042016 Northern Arena Toronto2016-10-242016 Epicenter Moscow2016-08-282016 Power LAN2016-09-182016 DreamHack Bucharest2016-11-29ESL Pro League Season 42016-11-28International Gaming League 20162018-09-022018 DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018-07-222018 Europe Minor Championship London2018-07-14Dreamhack Open Valencia 20182018-06-03SL i League StarSeries Season 52018-07-082018 ESL One Cologne2018-05-20ESL Pro League Season 72017-12-022017 DreamHack Winter2017-11-05Starladder iLeague Invitational 22017-10-29EPICENTER 20172017-12-17Esports Championship Series Season 42017-07-242017 DreamHack Atlanta2017-05-012017 DreamHack Austin2017-06-182017 PGL EU Minor2017-03-052017 IEM Katowice 2016-09-11SL i League StarSeries XV2016-11-29ESWC 20162018-04-22DreamHack Masters Marseille 20182018-06-11Esports Championship Series Season 52018-03-05IEM Season XII Katowice World Championship2017-09-032017 DreamHack Masters Malmo2017-07-092017 ESL One Cologne2018-05-012017 World Cyber Arena2017-06-25Esports Championship Series Season 32017-04-10SL i League StarSeries Season 32016-12-20Esports Championship Series Season 22017-02-192017 DreamHack Masters Las Vegas2018-03-292017 WESG Qualifiers2016-12-112016 World Cyber Arena2019-07-07Main2019 ESL One Cologne


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