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2016 - 2019

Echo Fox

Current Lineup

Former Players

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Team Stats

117 Matches 41W 76L
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Echo Fox entered the League of Legends scene in 2016 when former basketball star Rick Fox purchased Gravity Gaming’s LCS slot that year.

They announced their new team soon after, but due to Visa issues Henrik “Froggen” Hansen, Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev, and Park "kfo" Jeong-hun couldn’t compete for the first few weeks of the team’s existence, leaving Echo Fox with substitutes from Challenger team Ember. They ended their debut split in seventh with a 6-12 record. 

With no roster issues in the following split, Echo Fox looked to prove themselves this time around. Unfortunately, their performance didn’t see a marked improvement. While they won a few individual games, the underdogs lost every single series early in the split and finished in a disappointing last place. Despite their failure of a first season, Echo Fox worked hard in the 2017 Spring Promotion Tournament, beating NRG to confirm a spot in the LCS for the following season. 

Going into 2017, Echo Fox made some drastic roster changes. This included adding World Champion top laner Jang "Looper" Hyeong-seok. Some weeks they saw themselves with an 0-2 record, others 2-0, resulting in a 4-4 record after Week 4. But the resulting fifth place ranking was Echo Fox’s highest of the season, and they ultimately plummeted to eighth place in the second half of the split. Coach Nick “Inero” Smith was added before the Summer Split began, but the organization finished in eighth once again. 

Echo Fox were one of six existing teams to be awarded a franchise spot for the 2018 season. They shook up their roster entirely going into the Spring Split, including the addition of Worlds veteran Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. This time around, Echo Fox didn’t lose a game until Week 3, coming out in first or tied for first each week. But a change in the meta saw the team fall apart, with many fans noticing some issues with their bot lane after Kalista was nerfed. 

Still, Echo Fox had the chance to fight for a playoff bye in Week 9. They shocked fans by subbing in Echo Fox Academy players Tanner “Damonte” Damonte and John “Papa Chau” Le. The risky strategy paid off when they surprisingly beat FlyQuest. A close game with 100 Thieves resulted in a loss, but Echo Fox had already secured a spot in the semifinals.

Team Liquid stopped that upward trajectory with a 3-1 victory. Not to give up that easily, Echo Fox then beat Clutch Gaming with a 3-0 sweep, earning a spot at their first ever international event, the NA-EU Rift Rivals. 

2019 was looking to be another underwhelming season for Echo Fox, but their subpar performance was overshadowed by drama within the organization. A major investor’s racist emails, which had been leaked by Rick Fox,resulted in Riot Games investigating the organization.

That investigation uncovered deep financial issues within the organization, forcing Echo Fox to make a change at the behest of Riot Games.

Echo Fox decided to sell their LCS slot to Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, but the sale fell through. Riot Games then decided to auction off the 10th LCS slot themselves. In September, the slot was purchased by Evil Geniuses, and the entire Echo Fox organization was dissolved. 

It has been said that Echo Fox may return in the future, but that would require finding new investors. Blamed by some of the organization’s former investors for financially mismanaging the company, former owner Rick Fox has recently turned to streaming and charity work.