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2015 - present

Invictus Gaming Vitality

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492 Matches 227W 202L
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2016-12-151st2016 World Cyber Arena 2016-12-313rdDota2 Professional League2016-11-2217thThe Summit 62016-11-207thDota 2 ACE2017-05-0712ndDPL Season 32017-06-1835thDota Summit 72017-06-1132nd2017 Epicenter2017-05-219thStarLadder iLeague Invitational 22017-02-2612ndSL iLeague StarSeries S32017-04-042nd2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships2017-06-032ndZOTAC Cup Masters2016-12-1111st2016 The Boston Major2017-04-3011st2017 Kiev Major2017-05-2826thThe Manila Masters2017-06-1826thGalaxy Battles2017-07-0914thMars Dota 2 League 20172017-12-2221stDota2 Professional League Season 42017-10-225thThe Major League2017-12-302ndProDotA Cup China 22018-02-047thANGGAME China vs SEA Finals2018-05-308thDPL Season 52018-05-2016th2018 MDL Changsha Major2018-10-146thAsian Dota2 League 2018-10-2811stSTARLUCK DOTA2 Challenge2018-04-3057th2017 World Cyber Arena2017-10-1536thStarLadder iLeague Invitational 32017-11-2641stPerfect World Masters 20172017-10-3030th2017 ESL One Hamburg2018-01-2136th2018 Galaxy Battles II2018-01-2855th2018 ESL One Genting2018-04-0747th2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships Major2018-03-1146th2018 The Bucharest Major2018-08-2544th2018 The International2017-08-1223rdThe International 20172018-12-153rdChina Dota2 Winter Cup 2016-03-0714th2016 The Shanghai Major2016-04-2416th2016 ESL One Manila2016-06-194thH Cup2018-12-3012ndH Cup Season 122018-12-236th2018 Sanya DOTA2 New Stars Play2019-03-138thThunder Fire Spring League2019-03-212ndVARENA Dota2 League S12019-04-024th The Challenge Cup Season 3 2019-04-141stChina Future Cup Season 12019-04-2412nd Dota2 Rainbow Cup S22019-04-163rdFeng Ye Professional Invitational Competition2019-03-037thJJB Spring Cup2019-02-215th2019 The Challenge Cup Season 22019-01-144th2019 The Challenge Cup2019-01-185thANGGAME China vs SEA 32019-02-2414th2019 MDL Macau2018-12-206thThe China Hope Series 22018-11-2515thH Cup Season 102018-12-307thDotA2 Professional League Season 62019-01-1325th2019 The Bucharest Minor 2019-01-2877th2019 The Chongqing Major 2019-05-202nd The Challenge Cup Season 42016-10-1610th2016 Nanyang Cruise Cup2016-10-076th2016 Shanghai Dota 2 Open S22016-10-025th2016 MarsTV Dota 2 League Autumn2016-08-231stVPGame Pro League Season 22016-07-108thNanyang Championship 22016-07-242nd2016 Pro Gamer League2016-07-038th2016 National Electronic Arena2016-05-1528th2016 Epicenter2016-07-2449thSL i–League StarSeries S22016-07-1760thThe Summit 52016-06-1950th2016 ESL One Frankfurt2016-08-1323rdThe International 20162016-06-1229th2016 The Manila Major2019-06-104thRedRain Cup Season 2


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