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The beginning of Alliance’s story in Dota 2 is somewhat murky. In 2012, a mixed-region team known as No Tidehunter formed that included formidable players from both North America and Sweden. The team initially had success in league play, but vaulted to the top of the professional Dota 2 scene by winning DreamHack Winter 2012 with a victory over Evil Geniuses. 

The team enjoyed regular success, but as time went on it dropped each one of its international players in favor of more Swedes. When No Tidehunter slowed down a bit in early 2013, the transition was completed when Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao was dropped from the team. The move paid off as No Tidehunter regained its form in the spring and won StarLadder StarSeries Season 5. 

Just a few days later, No Tidehunter was adopted by Alliance, and it was revealed that the organization had been sponsoring them during their run to the top.

The transition from No Tidehunter to Alliance was a smooth one for the team. They maintained their unique style that mixed together crafty playmaking with thorough farming of the jungle, an approach that carried them to success in both live events and online leagues. It eventually brought them all the way to the grand finals of The International 2013, where the team edged out Natus Vincere in a hardfought best-of-five series to take the Aegis of Champions.

The following season saw Alliance post mixed but generally positive results. Despite that, the team was eliminated from the group stage of The International 2014, which was followed by the departures of Gustav "s4" Magnusson and Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist, as well as the deactivation of Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg. This resulted in a year of roster instability for Alliance, which concluded with the team being eliminated in the early goings of qualifiers of The International 2015.

Following TI5, the Dota 2 tournament scene changed with the introduction of Valve-sponsored Majors. 

Alliance’s roster troubles settled down when its TI3 roster was reunited. This was followed by what initially looked like a return to peak form as it won World Cyber Arena 2015 and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1 within the span of a single month. But that success faded quickly as the team stumbled in both the Shanghai Major and Manila Major, and ultimately closed out the season with a disappointing performance at The International 2016.

Though members of the team had bounced in and out of the roster before, this time the departures proved to be permanent. Three members of the team left and Alliance’s new Swedish roster posted unremarkable results. When the team failed to qualify for The International 2017, it was followed by a major shift from Alliance as it stopped exclusively working with Swedish talent.

Results didn’t come quickly, but Alliance stuck by the Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi-led roster as it stayed active in online leagues and smaller events. Though Alliance failed to qualify for The International 2018, it stayed the course and improved even further the following season. This culminated in a berth at The International 2019.

The team finished in last place, but the roster stuck together once again. Unfortunately for Alliance, this improving roster of players then joined Team Liquid. Alliance quickly found a new European roster that it hopes can lead the organization back to the top.


2019-06-162ndStarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor S22019-06-305-6th2019 EPICENTER Major2019-06-02Main2019 ESL One Birmingham2019-05-12QualifierMDL Disneyland Paris Major2019-04-283thOGA Dota PIT Minor2019-04-21Qualifier2019 ESL One Mumbai2019-03-24QualifierDreamLeague Season 112019-01-2813-16th2019 The Chongqing Major 2019-04-131stGG Bet Birmingham Invitational2019-02-164thWePlay Dota 2 Valentine Madness2019-01-052ndLOOT Bet Winter Masters2019-01-065-8th2018 WePlay Winter Madness2018-12-164thI Cant Believe Its Not Summit2019-01-179-16thMegaFon Dota 2 Champions League Season 22019-03-10QualifierStarLadder ImbaTV Minor2019-02-24Qualifier2019 ESL One Katowice2018-10-15World Showdown of Esports 12018-10-082018 GG Bet Invitational Season 12018-10-022018 Reshuffle Madness2018-08-26Sunday ESBET Invitational 32018-08-19Sunday ESBET Invitational 22018-08-14XBet Co Rampage Series 22018-08-112018 Rivalry gg Rumble2018-07-08XBet Co Rampage Series2018-07-10BTS Summer Cup 2018-08-18joinDOTA League S132018-05-132018 GESC E Series Bangkok2018-05-13Taurora Invitational 12017-05-304thLOOTBet Invitational2017-06-11Qualifier2017 Epicenter2017-05-21MainStarLadder iLeague Invitational 22017-06-18QualifierDota Summit 72017-07-102017 The Final Match2017-02-17MainMoonduck Elimination Mode 32017-01-04Royal Arena 22016-12-22WellPlay Inv VitalBet 62017-01-202016 World Electronic Sports Games2016-10-20FACEIT Invitational2017-01-23QualifierDota Pit League Season 52016-11-13Northern Arena BEAT Invitational 20162016-11-27DreamLeague Season 62016-07-20Global Grand Masters S12018-10-28Main2018 ESL One Hamburg2018-06-102018 China Dota2 Supermajor 2018-05-272018 ESL One Birmingham2018-05-072018 Epicenter XL Major2018-04-15StarLadder iLeague Invitational S52017-06-03QualifierZOTAC Cup Masters2017-10-01Main2017 Dota 2 Champions League2017-04-04Qualifier2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships2017-02-26QualifierSL iLeague StarSeries S32018-11-189-12thThe Kuala Lumpur Major2018-08-252018 The International2018-04-072018 Dota 2 Asia Championships Major2016-12-112016 The Boston Major2016-08-13The International 20162016-05-152016 Epicenter2016-04-17Starladder iLeague Invitational2016-12-152016 World Cyber Arena 2016-02-182016 Captains Draft 32015-11-28Dreamleague Season 42017-08-12QualifierThe International 20172017-04-30Qualifier2017 Kiev Major2016-11-252016 WESG Qualifiers2016-07-17The Summit 52016-06-192016 ESL One Frankfurt2015-12-14The Summit 42016-01-172016 SL i League2015-11-21The Frankfurt Major2016-06-122016 The Manila Major2016-03-072016 The Shanghai Major2019-07-281stDOTA Summit 102019-08-2513-16th2019 The International2019-10-201stDreamLeague Season 122016-10-14Dota 2 Champions League Season 82019-10-273th2019 ESL One Hamburg2019-11-247-8thMDL Chengdu2019-12-224thOne Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore2020-01-264thDreamLeague Season 132020-04-19Main2020 ESL One Los Angeles2020-05-23Main2020 OGA Dota PIT Online EU and CIS2020-11-015-6th2020 ESL One Germany2020-12-13MainEpic League Division 12020-12-131stEpic League Division 22020-12-184th2020 AMD SAPPHIRE OGA Dota PIT EU/CIS S42021-04-04Main2021 One Esports Singapore Major2015-10-19MLG World Finals


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