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366 Matches 193W 148L
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2016-12-1521st2016 World Cyber Arena 2016-11-274thDreamLeague Season 62017-01-2313rdDota Pit League Season 52017-01-201st2016 World Electronic Sports Games2016-12-221stWellPlay Inv VitalBet 62017-01-043rdRoyal Arena 22017-02-173rdMoonduck Elimination Mode 32017-10-0129th2017 Dota 2 Champions League2017-07-105th2017 The Final Match2017-06-1810thDota Summit 72017-06-1121st2017 Epicenter2017-05-2111stStarLadder iLeague Invitational 22017-02-2631stSL iLeague StarSeries S32017-04-0431st2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships2017-06-0317thZOTAC Cup Masters2016-12-1131st2016 The Boston Major2016-11-257th2016 WESG Qualifiers2017-04-3013rd2017 Kiev Major2017-05-305thLOOTBet Invitational2018-04-1513rdStarLadder iLeague Invitational S52018-05-136thTaurora Invitational 12018-05-1328th2018 GESC E Series Bangkok2018-08-181stjoinDOTA League S132018-07-105thBTS Summer Cup 2018-07-081stXBet Co Rampage Series2018-08-112nd2018 Rivalry gg Rumble2018-08-191stSunday ESBET Invitational 22018-08-141stXBet Co Rampage Series 22018-08-263rdSunday ESBET Invitational 32018-10-021st2018 Reshuffle Madness2018-10-082nd2018 GG Bet Invitational Season 12018-10-155thWorld Showdown of Esports 12018-10-289th2018 ESL One Hamburg2018-04-0742nd2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships Major2018-05-0742nd2018 Epicenter XL Major2018-05-2721st2018 ESL One Birmingham2018-06-1018th2018 China Dota2 Supermajor 2018-08-2523rd2018 The International2018-11-1815thThe Kuala Lumpur Major2017-08-1254thThe International 20172018-12-162ndI Cant Believe Its Not Summit2016-03-0718th2016 The Shanghai Major2016-02-182nd2016 Captains Draft 32016-04-177thStarladder iLeague Invitational2019-01-0612nd2018 WePlay Winter Madness2016-01-171st2016 SL i–League2015-11-283rdDreamleague Season 42015-12-1415thThe Summit 42015-11-213rdThe Frankfurt Major2019-04-131stGG Bet Birmingham Invitational2019-03-106thStarLadder ImbaTV Minor2019-03-2462ndDreamLeague Season 112019-04-281stOGA Dota PIT Minor2019-04-2128th2019 ESL One Mumbai2019-02-165thWePlay Dota 2 Valentine Madness2019-01-056thLOOT Bet Winter Masters2019-01-171stMegaFon Dota 2 Champions League Season 22019-02-2430th2019 ESL One Katowice2019-01-2817th2019 The Chongqing Major 2019-05-1228thMDL Disneyland Paris Major2016-10-205thFACEIT Invitational2016-11-1310thNorthern Arena BEAT Invitational 20162016-07-205thGlobal Grand Masters S12016-05-1514th2016 Epicenter2016-07-1723rdThe Summit 52016-06-1920th2016 ESL One Frankfurt2016-08-138thThe International 20162016-06-1233rd2016 The Manila Major


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