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164 Matches 91W 56L
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2017-12-313rdRising Stars Series2016-12-1120th2016 World Cyber Arena2016-11-295thMr Cat Invitational2017-07-101stfpsGOD Super League CANCELLED2017-01-2415th2016 World Electronic Sports Games2017-01-263rdThe Shootout 32017-05-154thBeyondGodlike SEA CSGO League S12017-04-284thDouyuTV Asia Invitational S12017-06-048th2017 PGL Asia Minor2017-02-1913rd2017 DreamHack Masters Las Vegas2018-05-0114th2017 World Cyber Arena2016-11-2951st2016 WESG Qualifiers2017-09-161st2017 GEXT Thailand2017-11-1815th2017 ZEN League Season 22017-12-164thFPSThailand Pro League Season 32017-11-052ndNEVER STOP GAMING CSGO Season 22018-03-151stCANCELLED 2017 CSGROLL Asian Masters2017-12-295thGOTVGG Invitational 12017-11-261st2017 NVIDIA GEXT SEA Finals2018-01-291st CSesport com Asia Invitational 2018-05-133rd2018 FPSThailand CS GO Pro League Season 42018-07-206th2018 Asia Minor Championship London 2018-08-1120th2018 IEM Shanghai2018-09-0410th2018 GG BET Summer Asia2018-11-031st2018 FPSThailand CS GO Pro League Season 52017-10-2214theXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CSGO 20172018-03-0515thIEM Season XII Katowice World Championship2018-05-2032ndESL Pro League Season 72018-05-0727thIEM XIII Sydney2018-04-2219thDreamHack Masters Marseille 20182018-08-2716th2018 ZOTAC Cup Masters2018-06-0335thSL i League StarSeries Season 52018-10-2115th2018 eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia2018-09-0217th2018 DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2017-12-1152nd2017 ROG Masters2017-09-0340th2017 DreamHack Masters Malmo2018-03-2962nd2017 WESG Qualifiers2018-11-234thESL Pro League Season 8 Asia2016-02-0232nd2016 IEM Taipei Asia Minor2019-03-0384th2019 IEM Season XIII Katowice World Championship


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