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Team Liquid support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong has a decorated League of Legends career. He won the World Championship in 2017 as part of the starting roster of LCK team Samsung Galaxy, and in 2019 was the LCS’ most valuable player. 


In 2014, CoreJJ was an AD Carry with Bigfile Miracle under the name “Core.” The roster was quickly released when they lost all six games at the HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014. But CoreJJ wasn’t deterred from his dream of being a League of Legends pro. 


CoreJJ joined Team Dignitas in 2014. This was when he first became known as CoreJJ. The LCS Spring Split didn’t go their way and Dignitas finished in ninth place with a 6-12 record. The Summer Split wasn’t much better, but the team climbed to sixth place while finishing with a 10-8 record. 

After that disappointing season, CoreJJ joined Samsung Galaxy of the LCK in December 2016, playing as an ADC once again. But the 2016 LCK Spring Season was more of the same for CoreJJ, and the team went 10-8, again placing him in sixth. 


CoreJJ moved to the support role in the Summer Split. He only played three games during the regular season and none of them seemed to go well. The team fared a bit better overall though, coming in fourth that season. During the 2016 Korean Regional Finals, Samsung decided to bring CoreJJ in as their support once again. They ended up securing the third seed to Worlds easily, seemingly establishing CoreJJ’s role as the team’s support. 


In 2017, CoreJJ and his Samsung Galaxy squad made it to Worlds again. This time, they seemed unstoppable. They ended up becoming the tournament champions, cementing CoreJJ as one of the best supports in the world.


This caught the eye of Team Liquid, who shocked the League of Legends community by securing the Korean player in 2018. CoreJJ seemed excited about the transition thanks to the opportunity to play with Liquid AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. 


The bot lane duo impressed North America in 2019, securing Team Liquid as the top North American team when they won both the Spring and Summer Splits. Liquid made the finals at the Mid-Season Invitational that year after defeating Invictus Gaming in an exciting series, and while they were narrowly eliminated from the 2019 World Championship during the group stage, it was overall a strong year for Liquid and a further credit to CoreJJ’s success as a player.