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Korean mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-ho started his League of Legends career in 2014 under the name Shadow. Prior to becoming a pro, Crown moved to Brazil to play for Team 58ers. That’s where he stayed until the team disbanded in September just three months later. After playing for KaBuM! Black for a few months, Crown declared that he was homesick and went back to Korea. 


In 2015, Crown joined Samsung Galaxy as a substitute. The team placed seventh that year, missing playoffs but qualifying for the 2016 season of the LCK. Before the season began, Samsung competed in the LoL KeSPA Cup and didn’t perform particularly well. But in the Spring Split, Samsung Galaxy took fifth with a 10-8 record, earning a spot in the playoffs. They were knocked out immediately, ending the split in sixth place. 


The Summer Split went a bit better that year. They stayed in the top four throughout the season, but were unable to beat SK Telecom T1 or KT Rolster. They notably took a game from ROX Tigers, putting them in fourth overall with a 12-6 record. This year, they fought their way to Worlds. They became the third seed after beating Afreeca Freecs in a rematch and then defeating KT Rolster in the finals. 


Samsung joined Team SoloMid, Royal Never Give Up and Splyce in Group D. Surprising viewers everywhere, Samsung Galaxy won five of their six matches in the toughest group at Worlds. They advanced to the Bracket Stage, defeating Cloud9 3-0. They also swept H2k-Gaming in the Semifinals. The finals saw Samsung Galaxy facing SK Telecom T1 as Crown faced off with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. While the match was close, SKT ultimately won and took home the Summoner’s Cup. 


But it seemed that Samsung Galaxy had found its stride with Crown. In 2017, Samsung went 14-4 in the Spring Split. In the Summer Split, Samsung went 13-5, but was swept by SK Telecom T1 in the playoff’s quarterfinals. They ended up earning third seed to Worlds once again by sweeping KT Rolster in the Korea Regional Finals that year. 


This time, Crown and his crew were placed in Group C with Royal Never Give Up and G2 Esports. They finished 4-2, advancing to the quarterfinals. There they swept Longzhu Gaming, followed by another win against Team WE. Once again they faced SK Telecom T1 in the final at Worlds. But this time, Crown won and became a 2017 World Champion along with his Samsung Galaxy teammates. 


Despite the tremendous season, Samsung announced that they would no longer be sponsoring professional esports players. KSV eSports was formed in place of the former Samsung Galaxy, and Crown stayed there for a further six months. He then moved to Gen.G for another six months before arriving in the LCS at the end of 2018. 


Crown first played with OpTic Gaming initially but was moved to their Academy team after 10 months of largely mediocre play. He rejoined the LCS when Immortals signed him one month later when the organization acquired OpTic’s team and LCS slot. Counter Logic Gaming then surprised North American fans by buying Crown’s contract from Immortals before the 2020 Spring Split.


With Crown on the roster, CLG came into 2020 looking like a potential top-three team. Unfortunately, Crown didn’t perform up to par. He posted the worst KDA of any mid laner in the LCS and was eventually cut from the team for his poor performance.