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Black, Zaqueri


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Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black is a verteran League of Legends player currently playing support for Dignitas. 


The California native’s pro League of Legends journey began in 2011 when he became the AD Carry for v8 eSports. During this time, Aphromoo also played ADC for mTw.NA, mMe Ferus, and Team FeaR. His exceptional duo lane with support player Muffinqt helped him gain popularity. 


With his followers’ blessing, Aphromoo decided to switch his role to support. Shortly after, he announced he was playing for Counter Logic Gaming. Since switching to support, Aphromoo gained popularity as a streamer and is often credited with making support a more popular role to play thanks to his skills with Leona and other playmaking champions. While playing for CLG, Aphromoo and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng became known as the “Rush Hour” duo. They were also known as the strongest bottom lane duo in North America. 


In 2015, CLG had a good showing in the LCS. In fact, this year is known as the team’s “golden age” by fans. Despite an exciting performance during the regular season, they ended up in fifth after the playoffs. They started the Summer Split with the same explosiveness and ultimately ended the season with a 13-5 record. This time they also became North America’s top seed and were sent to Worlds. 


Counter Logic Gaming had the same momentum in 2016, resulting in an invitation to the Mid-Season Invitational. This strong Spring performance had fans putting CLG as one of their top teams for the Summer Split, but they ended up underperforming throughout the majority of the season. They worked their way to fourth place though, getting a chance to compete in the playoffs. While they didn’t do too well during the playoffs, their Championship Points got them into Worlds once more. And once more, they were eliminated at the group stage. 


Going into 2017, Counter Logic Gaming was the only NA team to not make any changes to their roster. Despite confidence in Aphromoo and his teammates, CLG ended up underperforming throughout the regular season and were knocked out of the playoffs by FlyQuest. Some roster changes before the Summer Split improved their performance, but they didn’t make it to Worlds this time around. 


Aphromoo left CLG in November of 2017. He joined 100 Thieves the following month. This was a troubling time for Aphromoo. He saw a negative change in his performance, and he didn’t enjoy living in the 100 Thieves gaming house. 


League of Legends fans were shocked to see Aphromoo signed to Dignitas in 2020. Some considered him a washed up veteran after his decline at 100 Thieves, the same view they had on the majority of the new Dignitas roster. But Dignitas saw some success almost immediately in the Spring Split with Aphromoo making plays.