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Kim "Febby" Yong-min began playing Defense of the Ancients at a young age. His interest in the game grew over time and he began competing with pro teams in 2012, most notably as a founding member of Kaipi. His days as a Dota 2 professional began in earnest when he moved to Korea to join Park "March" Tae-won’s FXOpen e-Sports, which later rebranded as For Our Utopia.

Though Febby and March had a significant amount of history together, they had a falling out after playing on the same team. March would go on to become the cornerstone of MVP Phoenix while Febby bounced between a number of different teams. Though he posted generally strong results on the Korean Dota 2 circuit, Febby didn’t earn enough while competing and he eventually found himself homeless. What money he did get went into staying sharp in the game by playing in net cafes.

He reunited with March in 2015 on MVP Phoenix. While results were generally poor early on, Febby’s time with the team was redeemed when the squad qualified for The International 2015 and made a shocking top-eight run. 

That put MVP Phoenix on the map for many, and the team carried itself as a serious threat into the next season despite making roster changes. The team didn’t consistently qualify for events, but was generally strong when they did manage to get on stage. This included a fourth-place finish in the Shanghai Major, fifth in the Manila Major, and first in a handful of other live events. Those results were enough to earn the team a direct invitation to The International 2016, where the team placed fifth.

Febby continued on with MVP Phoenix into the following season, but the team kicked off the year with poor results. After a last-place finish in the Boston Major, MVP Phoenix’s roster dissolved entirely and this ended the organization’s time in Dota 2.

All five members of MVP Phoenix then landed with different teams, with Febby finding his way to Fnatic. The team posted generally poor results but managed to qualify for The International 2017, where it finished last.

Febby reunited with different members of MVP Phoenix in the following season, forming Team Phoenix. Early in the season, Team Phoenix found a new sponsor in Immortals, and this marked Febby’s return to North America. Immortals failed to qualify for events in the new Dota Pro Circuit, competing in just three minors during the season. The team also failed to qualify for The International 2018 and disbanded immediately after.

Febby returned to Southeast Asia in the next season, joining Mineski. The team performed well in regional events, but couldn’t keep up that performance in larger events.Despite losing in the grand finals of ESL One Mumbai, Febby won the fan vote for MVP of the event, earning him a new Mercedes-Benz car. Febby was later kicked from Mineski. 

Febby had a short run with Geek Fam before reuniting with March and fellow former MVP Phoenix player Lee "Forev" Sang-don at Team Jinesbrus in the qualifiers to The International 2019. Jinesbrus nearly qualified for the event, but fell just one map shy of making it through.

Febby was left in limbo after TI9, playing as a substitute or on a trial basis for different SEA teams. He ultimately found a permanent role as the coach of TNC Predator, which marked yet another reunion with March.



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