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Ishutin, Danil


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Danil "Dendi" Ishutin’s esports career started in WarCraft 3, which saw him compete in tournaments around his hometown. He eventually found his way to Defense of the Ancients and performed well. 

After competing in regional leagues, he took a big step up in 2008 when he joined DTS, a team that hosted many top CIS players at the time. The team performed well in European DotA events, and notably took second place at the 2010 Electronic Sports World Cup.

Ahead of the launch of Dota 2, Dendi joined Natus Vincere. The team tinkered with its roster but made a huge splash by winning The International 2011, which was followed by another top placement in the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. These victories, coupled with his strong play on fan favorite hero Pudge, made him the most popular player in Dota 2’s early years.

As tournaments and leagues became more frequent, Dendi and Natus Vincere enjoyed regular success. These victories, coupled with grand finals berths at The International 2012 and The International 2013, established Natus Vincere as the greatest Dota 2 team of the era and cemented Dendi as the most popular western player in the game.

Natus Vincere began a bit of a decline in 2014. Despite a strong start to the year, the team posted weaker finishes in events in the summer. This culminated with an eighth-place finish for the team at The International 2014, which led to the departure of longtime Na`Vi captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov.

Dendi remained with Natus Vincere, but the team went into a sharp decline in the years that followed. The team failed to regularly qualify for larger events and Valve-sponsored majors, and posted forgettable performances in the ones it did qualify for. Dendi attended The International 2015 and 2016, but was swiftly eliminated from both. Natus Vincere and Dendi missed their first TI in 2017.

The team went on a bit of an upswing to start the new season and received a number of invitations to Dota Pro Circuit tournaments. Things quickly went off the rails however, resulting in a number of poor placements. This ultimately forced Na`Vi into the CIS open qualifiers for The International 2018, which went catastrophically wrong for the team.

After four year of steady competitive decline and eight years of competition, Dendi was deactivated from the Na`Vi roster in late 2018. He spent the 2018-2019 season playing on-loan from Na`Vi or as a substitute for a number of different teams including Team Secret, Vega Squadron, and The Pango. His longest run was in southeast Asia with Tigers. None of those runs led to particularly strong results.

During The International 2019, Natus Vincere revealed that it had completely split from Dendi. Following the event, Dendi stated he had plans to create his own esports organization, and was seeking investors.

In late 2019 he began playing with a number of CIS veterans in regional events under the banner of MR Team. The squad was officially branded as B8 in January 2020.


2019-06-02Qualifier2019 ESL One Birmingham2019-05-12QualifierMDL Disneyland Paris Major2019-04-28QualifierOGA Dota PIT Minor2019-04-21Qualifier2019 ESL One Mumbai2019-04-073-4th2019 Cobx Masters Phase II2019-04-204thBetway Asian Dota 2 League2019-03-13MainBTS Spring Cup2019-03-10QualifierStarLadder ImbaTV Minor2018-07-262018 ProDota Cup EU 282018-07-08XBet Co Rampage Series2018-07-24Dota 2 Summer Cup2018-07-04QIWI TEAM PLAY Season 12018-05-132018 GESC E Series Bangkok2018-03-182018 GESC E Series Jakarta2017-12-172017 DOTA Summit 82017-11-26Midas Mode2017-11-222017 Adrenaline Cyber League2017-11-05AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT2017-12-03DreamLeague Season 82017-07-23MainDreamLeague Season 72017-06-11Main2017 Epicenter2017-05-21QualifierStarLadder iLeague Invitational 22017-06-185-6thDota Summit 72018-06-102018 China Dota2 Supermajor 2018-05-272018 ESL One Birmingham2018-05-202018 MDL Changsha Major2018-05-072018 Epicenter XL Major2018-04-15StarLadder iLeague Invitational S52018-03-112018 The Bucharest Major2018-02-252018 ESL One Katowice2018-01-282018 ESL One Genting2018-01-212018 Galaxy Battles II2017-12-122017 Mars Dota league Macau2017-10-302017 ESL One Hamburg2017-11-26Perfect World Masters 20172017-10-22PGL Open Bucharest2017-10-15StarLadder iLeague Invitational 32017-04-04Qualifier2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships2017-02-26QualifierSL iLeague StarSeries S32018-08-252018 The International2018-08-252018 The International2018-04-072018 Dota 2 Asia Championships Major2017-08-12QualifierThe International 20172017-04-30Qualifier2017 Kiev Major2020-03-26MainWeSave! Charity Play2020-04-19Main2020 ESL One Los Angeles2020-11-08QualifierDota Summit 13 EU and CIS2020-12-13QualifierEpic League Division 12020-12-31Main2020 IeSF World Championship2020-05-17MainEpic Prime League S12020-09-30MainBTS Pro Series Season 3 Europe/CIS2021-03-01Qualifier2021 ESL One Online S1 - CIS Upper Division2021-03-115-6thSnow Sweet Snow #22021-05-23Main2021 ESL One Online S2 - CIS Lower Division


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