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Player Summary

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Personal Stats




Rookie Colin “Kumo” Zhao entered the professional League of Legends scene in 2017.


Kumo competed in both the NACS 2017 Spring Open Qualifiers and the NACS 2017 Summer Open Qualifiers as a part of Relentless Gaming, but didn’t manage to qualify for either tournament. Despite that unfortunate outcome, Kumo caught the eye of Team Cloud Drake as a second pick at the 2017 NA Scouting Grounds tournament draft. His team finished last, but Kumo was still picked up by Cloud9 at the event’s conclusion.


In 2018, Kumo became Cloud9 Academy’s starting top laner. He also changed his name to Shiro. Cloud9 Academy had a great split, finishing second. But Kumo’s team was eliminated in the first round of the payoffs. This may have been the push in motivation they needed, and the academy team finished first not only in the following Summer Split, but in the subsequent playoffs as well. 


It was no surprise that Kumo stuck with Cloud9 Academy the following year after such a great performance. During the 2019 year he also changed his name to Kumo.


In 2019, Cloud9 Academy continued to dominate their North American competition. They finished first in the regular season and then second in the playoffs. Kumo and his fellow teammates on the academy squad also started in the LCS team’s final game of the LCS 2019 Spring Split, winning a game against LCS competition.


Even though Kumo seemed to continuously improve, he only played in five games in the NA Academy 2019 Summer season. While this was a disappointing time for the player, Kumo also saw the LCS stage once again when he substituted for Eric “Licorice” Ritchie for four games due to the Cloud9 top laner’s wrist injury. Kumo proved himself on the big stage, winning three of those four games. He even had a solo kill, eliminating Team Liquid’s Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong. 


When he returned to Cloud9 Academy for the summer playoffs, the team was eliminated in the semifinals. 


Kumo finally got his full-time LCS debut in 2020 when he was announced as the starter for Evil Geniuses. The team got off to a solid start to the season after being absent from the LCS for a few years.