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Díaz, Iván Martín


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LEC rookie Ivan “Razork” Martin Diaz started his League of Legends career as a part of Spanish team Vodafone Giants. When he joined in 2018, Razork and his squad showed their worth with a second-place finish in the LVP SuperLiga Orange Summer Playoffs. They continued that momentum in the Iberian Cup later that year, coming in second once again. 


2019 was an even better year for Vodafone Giants. They had a very solid spring season in the LVP SLO. Razork saw his first victory when the team placed first in the summer season. The team then became champions when they came in first in the Summer Playoffs. From 2019 to 2020, Razork came in second place three more times in various cups and competitions before catching Misfit Gaming’s eye. 


Misfits had created a team full of rookie talent for the LEC’s 2020 Spring Split after the previous veteran roster failed to impress in 2019. This strategy has appeared to pay off early in the year. Razork’s aggressive jungle pathing helped Misfits remain in the top half of the LEC in the Spring Split through the beginning of the season as the team looked competitive with Razork leading the way.