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Cody Sun

Sun, Li-Yu


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Personal Stats




Sun “Cody Sun” Li-Yu burst onto the competitive League of Legends scene in 2015 when he joined Magnetic and qualified for the Summer Season of the Academy event. 


In 2016, Magnetic, now known as Massacre, failed to make a run. Cody Sun joined Dream Team soon after, a team that had already successfully qualified. The team finished in fifth place, losing to Team Liquid Academy based on their head-to-head records. By October, Cody Sun had left Dream Team. Two months later he joined Immortals, finally reaching the LCS in doing so. 


Immortals was not a standout team going into the 2017 Spring Split. They never broke into the top three and Cody Sun had a generally shaky performance. In the end, they came in seventh and missed the playoffs. Going into the Summer Split, Immortals turned their performance around completely. They remained in the top three throughout the regular season and Cody Sun was often at the center of their success. 


After taking down Counter Logic Gaming 3-0 in the Summer Playoffs’ semifinals, Immortals became the first team in LCS history besides CLG, Team SoloMid, and Cloud9 since 2013 to reach the finals. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived as TSM knocked IMT out of the finals. Based on their championship points, Immortals still qualified for the World Championship. 


Immortals was knocked out in the group stage, proving unable to perform on the international stage. Despite picking up a win over Fnatic in the first week of competition, Immortals lost to Fnatic in their second match. Some blamed Cody Sun for this failure, since the bot laner shocked fans by flashing into four Fnatic players during the rematch. 


The newly-franchised LCS didn’t accept Immortals as one of their 10 initial franchise teams. This shocked fans, but rumors spread that it was due to the organization’s dedication to the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. This left Cody Sun out of the LCS until his contract was sold to Team Liquid. But around that time, Liquid signed Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Cody Sun was instead signed to 100 Thieves ahead of the 2018 season. 


Cody Sun wasn't able to show his talent that year. Despite reaching the World Championship for three consecutive years, analysts didn’t believe in him based on past performances. When 100 Thieves played in the 2018 World Championship, Cody Sun remained benched throughout. 


Cody Sun finally got the LCS’ attention in 2019 when he helped Clutch Gaming do the unthinkable. Once thought to be one of the worst teams in the League of Legends Championship Series, the underdog team shocked everyone by clawing their way to the World Championship as North America’s third seed. And nobody shined brighter during that miracle run than Cody Sun. 


During his successful run with Clutch Gaming in 2019, Cody Sun had a deathless streak that lasted seven games. This included the last five games of the LCS Summer Split and the first two games of the Summer Split playoffs.


Cody Sun’s 2019 performance caught the eyes of 100 Thieves, who gave him another chance in 2020.

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