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Cherng Tai, Shern


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Player Summary

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Personal Stats




Shern Cherng “Shernfire” Tai grew up in Australia playing a lot of video games. His early experiences playing League of Legends weren’t his favorite memories, but he was able to climb the solo queue ladder effectively. 


In 2014, Shernfire made his debut in the competitive League of Legends scene as a substitute for Dire Wolves, an Australian team competing in the Oceanic region. 


After leaving Dire Wolves mid-season, Shernfire joined Vortex. He became their jungler just in time for the NA CS Summer Season. He moved to the United States and it seemed like things were looking up for the amateur player. But soon after he arrived in America, he was banned from competitive play for the remainder of the year as a consequence of Elo boosting. 


While this was a setback, Shernfire made his way into the NA CS again in 2016 as part of Astral Authority, playing along with William “Stunt” Chen. They qualified for the spring season and were then acquired by Dream Team. The squad finished in fifth place after losing to Team Liquid Academy.


Shernfire left Dream Team that same year, joining the now disbanded Apex Pride roster in July. Around December, Apex Pride forfeited their NA CS qualifier spot and disbanded, leaving Shernfire without a team. The following month, in January 2017, Shernfire returned to Dire Wolves in Australia as a substitute. He made his way to the main roster in February. 


In 2018, Shernfire left Dire Wolves to join Super Nova. That’s where he remained until the spring of 2019. The 21-year-old joined Team Liquid Academy in November, singing a contract that expires in November 2021.


He notobaly reached out to Team Liquid’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng in 2018, asking for help joining the Team Liquid Academy roster. While Doublelift never responded, it seems that Shernfire’s wish to be on the academy team had come true either way. 


In 2020, the relatively unknown jungler found himself being flown to Los Angeles mere weeks before the LCS Spring Split to substitute in for Team Liquid’s main roster due to Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen’s visa issues preventing his attendance. At first he wasn’t sure he deserved to be playing with his idols, but he soon felt comfortable being part of the team. Unfortunately, Shernfire was too soft-spoken and unsure of himself to keep Team Liquid at the top of the pack, and LCS fans soon noticed that the team wasn’t performing at its best with Shernfire in the lineup. 


When Broxah finally made it to North America, Shernfire was moved back to the Team Liquid Academy roster.

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