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Eugene “Pobelter” Park is a veteran North American player known for his 200 IQ plays. The popular player has been in the pro scene since 2013, when he joined Curse Gaming as a top laner and then Meat Playground as their AP carry. Too young to join the LCS at the time, he returned to Curse Academy until he decided to attend school. 

Pobelter was one of the youngest players in the LCS when he joined Evil Geniuses’ North American team in 2014. Despite the interesting distinction, Evil Geniuses didn’t have a good showing that year, finishing in ninth place with a 8-20 record. The Summer Split was slightly better as the team finished 11-17. 

A solid performance in the later part of 2014 landed EG a spot in the 2015 LCS Spring Split. Pobelter re-signed with the team, which was rebranded as Winterfox. While playing for the team, he never left the top lane position. 

Pobelter joined Counter Logic Gaming soon after for the Summer Split. CLG started the Split strong, ranking fifth by week six. The team clawed its way to second place in the end, then dominated in the playoffs. They became North America’s top seed and qualified for the 2015 World Championship. True to most North American teams, CLG was eliminated in the group stage with a 2-4 record. 

Pobelter joined Immortals in 2016, a team that was expected to do quite well in the LCS that year. For six weeks, the team lived up to the hype by going undefeated. Unfortunately, they started to falter as the season continued. Luckily, they found themselves in third by the end of the season after beating Team Liquid in the playoffs. The Summer Split went just as well, with Immortals qualifying for the playoffs. Unfortunately, they didn’t qualify for Worlds that year after being defeated by Cloud9 in the Regional Finals. 

Pobelter spent 2017 with Immortals again. They came in 7th place for the Spring Split, but the Summer Split saw a better performance. In fact, they qualified for the World Championship thanks to championship points. Once again, the team was knocked out in the group stage after facing Fnatic. 

League of Legends fans were shocked when Immortals weren’t invited into the newly franchised NA LCS for the 2018 season. Pobelter left the team in November 2017, finding a new home with Team Liquid. Liquid didn’t have a good showing that year, leaving Pobelter jumping between NA teams for the next few seasons. 

North American fans were shocked when Pobelter wasn’t initially signed to a team for the 2020 season. While FlyQuest definitely underperformed, most League of Legends viewers were constantly impressed with Pobelter’s individual performances throughout the past few years. Pobelter called out North American teams for favoring foreign players over NA talent, even if the foreign players aren’t as strong. 

In the middle of the Spring Split, struggling Counter Logic Gaming decided to sign Pobelter in hopes of improving their performance with the talented veteran.