Zven on Cloud9’s 6-0 start: “We are…definitely the best team” in LCS

By Olivia Richman


Feb 10, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Cloud9 continued its domination of the LCS with a win over Dignitas. Now alone at the top of the standings with a 6-0 record, they are sitting comfortably at the top of the standings in the 2020 LCS Spring Split. 

Bot laner Jesper “Sven” Svenningsen sat down with WIN.gg to talk about Cloud9’s successful new roster, how they rank against the other teams in North America, and what it means to qualify for Worlds. 

How do you feel after the win today?

ZvenGreat. I didn’t do so much today, but I’m happy winning.

Some games you just don’t do much. You just have to get carried. That’s how it works sometimes. Sometimes not doing anything is your job. 

You’re currently undefeated. Which team do you think is the second best?

I feel like it’s a battle between Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, Dignitas, and FlyQuest…We are the best team, not by much, but definitely the best team. We are pretty secure in that spot right now. Team Liquid will be second best or best once Broxah comes back next week and they have some practice. 

So who would be third? 

FlyQuest, once Broxah is back. But it could be anyone on any given day. They can all beat each other back and forth. Sixth is like 100 Thieves maybe. Immortals are looking okay in their games on stage. 

Are you worried about Team Liquid once Broxah joins their team? 

I wouldn’t say I’m worried, but they will definitely be the team to beat. Four very good players and Broxah is a very good player himself. Once he gets over jet lag I think they will be a good team. I don’t think it will take a long time for them to get used to playing together. A couple of weeks at most, given there’s no huge personality issues. 

What do you think has made you guys so dominant this season? 

We have good chemistry between the players. Off-season, bootcamping, working together…The meta is also heavy on fighting drakes and heralds, and that’s really good for us. Everyone’s best champions are meta right now. It’s a mix of good off-season effort and being good at the meta champions.

Our drafts on stage are better than our opponents’ almost every game. The last few games…Immortals, free win. Yesterday FlyQuest, free win in draft. We’re already just so favored. Some teams just have very bad drafts on stage. Dignitas had an okay draft today. But we have good meta read and good mechanics. We know how to play the meta. It feels good. 

What is your motivation during the Spring Split, since there aren’t any points or anything on the line? 

But nobody tries less hard in Spring just because there’s no points. That’d be stupid in my opinion. Making it to MSI is a huge opportunity to improve. You can practice against G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix…It’s a huge advantage. Come back stronger. As long as you don’t burn out from extra practice. You’re the only one that gets to get that practice against the best teams in the world. It’s a huge advantage. It will make us even better in the summer. 

How are you feeling about the new roster this season? 

Great. I’m really happy with everyone on the team. Everyone plays well individually and we all have a good work ethic. Personality-wise, it’s been great. I feel like they’re not just coworkers, but friends. Everyone is rational and doesn’t mind criticism. Everyone takes and gives it well. Most days our scrims are productive and we learn something.

We get better each time. It feels good to wake up and know we are getting better each day. We have the winning formula. Working out, food, our meetings, managers, analysts…

You guys have a sports psychologist, too?

I haven’t worked much with him personally. But other players do. 

Do you work out a lot?

Four days a week we work out in the morning for a bit more than an hour. On LCS days we have a 30 minute walk, a mile and a half, around our area. It feels like it makes us better. Some people are against it. Not everyone wants to work out in the morning. I prefer cardio and lift, but it’s fine with me. 

What is your goal for the season? 

I don’t know if I have goals, but I just want to play the best game I can every time I go on stage. I really want to win a trophy, one title, this year. I don’t care if it’s spring or summer. I will take either, or both.

I haven’t been to Worlds in two years. I took it for granted. I always went there. I felt I was too good not to be there and my teams were always the second-best teams…It was a given at that point.

But on TSM, I didn’t make it for two years. I realized how much it sucks not to make it there. I want to make it there no matter what. I don’t care if we get out in groups, semis…I just want to do our best and play well. I’m okay with that.


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