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YouTube Gaming adding Twitch-like gifted subscription feature

By Olivia Richman


Feb 3, 2022

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YouTube continues to compete with Twitch, the most popular streaming platform in the space right now. YouTube has taken a lot of top streamers from Twitch with aggressive contract offers and is now looking to introduce a gifted subscription feature to lure in more personalities.

Twitch has continued to reign supreme when it comes to live streaming platforms. The combination of tools for creating an entertaining broadcast and the options for monetizing a following are very strong on Twitch, which has many looking to get a start on the platform. YouTube Gaming is looking to take some inspiration from Twitch’s arsenal in its newest strategy for taking down the giant.

The newest addition is gifted subscriptions, something Twitch has offered for some time now.

What are gifted subscriptions?

Gifted subs on Twitch and YouTube are a means of supporting a streamer where fans can give the benefits of a subscriptions to other viewers. People can give a subscription to a specific viewer, or to other random followers.

YouTube’s official Youtube Creators Japan account announced the big news for streamers using the Google-owned platform. The tweet is translated as stating: “New Membership Gift Alpha Edition. For creators using livestreaming and membership, this is a function that allows existing channel members to give membership rights to other viewers.”

How will gifted subscriptions work on YouTube?

The tweet included a link to a YouTube membership page, including a Q&A on membership benefits. According to the transcription, gifted memberships will allow users to cover membership costs for other viewers. The free membership lasts a month.

The gifted subscriptions work very similarly to Twitch’s gifted subscriptions feature.

Blog post image
Twitch’s gifted subs feature

YouTube is also looking to add raids, another feature inspired by Twitch. It’s not clear just yet when these features will be rolled out on YouTube but it appears to be in the near future. This is a power play by YouTube as it continues to compete with Twitch for the top spot.


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