Your guide to choosing the best mouse for gaming and esports

By William Davis


Oct 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

If you love gaming, it may be time to choose a dedicated gaming mouse to enhance your competitive edge. 

In essence, a good mouse for gaming should be light and highly responsive. Here is a handy guide to choose the best device for your gaming needs, be it esports, video games, first-person shooter games, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), or playing your favorite casino games at the following legit sites reviewed at

black and white corded computer mouse

Why should you go for an esports mouse?

One of the reasons professionals opt for an esports mouse is its minimalist design. This is because gamers do not want the unwanted distractions of numerous buttons.

A mouse with many buttons that allow for configurations may mean that a miss-click at a pivotal moment may prove costly and result in defeat. A light mouse will also maximize performance since it is much easier for the gamer to move the mouse across the large mouse pad constantly.

Most esports gamers will usually set the sensor tracking to a low number to enhance their performance. An ideal esports mouse will usually consist of six buttons, two primary click buttons, two side buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. Some esports mice will also have a cycle button on the underside to give gamers the option to change DPI settings without tampering with the configuration of the mouse’s software settings. While this is not entirely a deal-breaker, a mouse with such a feature means it is optimized for enhancing gameplay.

Choosing the design of your esports mouse

A rule of thumb when choosing an esports mouse is that it should be light, fast, and with a highly responsive sensor. Using a heavier mouse will create some resistance as you glide on your mouse pad. 

A good esports gaming mouse should also seamlessly fit into your hands. This makes it feel comfortable and enhances your gameplay experience and performance. If you are a gamer who feels more comfortable playing with your fingers as opposed to resting your hand on the mouse, then weight becomes a significant issue. You may thus need to invest in a mini mouse such as the Cooler Master MM710.

Choose a good sensor

Esports gaming is very competitive, and thus the speed of your mouse will be crucial in giving you a competitive edge. Most modern mice usually use an optical sensor. When investing in an esports mouse, it is highly advisable to try it out to get a feel of its speed and performance. 

The tracking speed of a mouse is usually measured in dots per inch. Since esports gamers usually set the DPI very low, a mouse with 5,000dpi will be more than sufficient.

Should I choose a wireless gaming mouse?

One of the reasons esports gamers used to shun wireless mice was that they would lag or get sluggish. However, today’s wireless mice are pretty fast and very stable. As long as you keep your mouse charged, you should not worry about it failing mid-match.