You can kill Dragon in LoL in less than 0.5 seconds

By Nicholas James


Mar 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Dragons are a vital neutral objective in League of Legends, and a team just set the record for the fastest way to kill a dragon in LoL.

Dragons are available from five minutes onwards in League of Legends, and they are one of the core neutral objectives that games are played around. For as long as they’ve been in the game, players have been looking for the quickest ways to slay these massive beasts. Several clever players have figured out how to kill a dragon in LoL in under half a second, and here’s how you can do it.

How to kill Dragon in LoL in less than a second

The team composition used to take dragon so quickly is Sion top, Udyr jungle, Nunu mid, Syndra bot, and Jhin support. All five members of the team have taken Teleport and Smite as their Summoner Spells. The reason for 5 Smites is to rush the dragon down as quickly as humanly possible, and five Teleports is to ensure that they all get to the first dragon exactly when it spawns. Udyr builds lethality, Sion does the same, and every other member of the team stacks Ability Power. The core setup is for the AP-building Jhin begins to start setting down traps from his W, Captive Audience, 180 seconds before the dragon spawns. Then all five members of the team teleport to the dragon before it spawns.

Each member of the team is a crucial part of the setup for the quick dragon secure. The Jhin begins to auto the Scuttle Crab in order to set up his powerful fourth shot as Sion begins charging his Q and Udyr preps his empowered Q as well. Syndra is the key to all of it, as she throws the Scuttle Crab into Jhin’s traps moments before the dragon spawns so that the traps begin their slow detonation and explode exactly when the dragon becomes targetable. Sion releases his fully charged Q, Udyr uses his empowered Wilding Claws, Jhin hits it with his fourth shot, and all five members of the team use Smite. All of this combined means the dragon vanishes in under a second. This unique strategy was pulled off in a Normal game, so it’s not just a theorycraft.


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