You can block Haven mid easily with this Cypher one-way smoke

Fariha Bhatti • February 26, 2021 6:26 pm

Playing Haven as a defender is no easy feat. Tackling three sites can be challenging, but not when you have Cypher with his cages on your team. 

Valorant’s Morrocan spy Cypher is your best bet in cases where teams keep putting pressure on one site. The ideal way to win as defenders is to leave Cypher at the neglected site and execute a four-man stack on other bomb points. The spy can use his tactical toolkit to slow down enemy pushes, detect his enemies, and make quick calls. His primary purpose is to steer clear of unnecessary duels and wait for his teammates’ rotations. However, taking a fight can become necessary in some instances. 

If you have a great aim, you’re likely already playing duelists. But being a sentinel main doesn’t mean that you can’t bag easy kills. You just have to use your utility smartly. This Cypher cage lineup will help you trick enemies into walking into your crosshair. 

Placing Cypher on the mid window is useful in cases when enemies keep hitting bomb point A. The agent can slow them down on double doors with his cage to ensure that teammates have rotated safely towards C if enemies switch routes. This one-way lineup may allow Cypher mains to get some easy kills while teammates turn from A site. 

For this lineup, jump down from mid window and slide inside the right corner under the nest. Place your crosshair at the corner of the light tube panel, as shown in the image. 

Once you get this right, throw the cyber cage and move back into the window. Deploy the cell whenever you hear any footsteps towards mid. The hollow smoke will block the enemy’s line of sight but give you enough vision to shoot down whoever tries to cross the smoke. The attacker’s legs will clearly be visible from under the smoke, allowing you to add some sneaky kills to your score. 

How do you play as Cypher in Valorant? 

If you’re a Cypher main, your team will expect you to stay out of danger until the end of the round. It’s in the team’s best interest to have Cypher alive through the very endm as his abilities help with gathering intel. Especially after the update that deactivates all of his powers after he dies, Cypher becomes useless if he dies at or near the beginning of a round. 

As Cypher main, it’s ideal for you to pick duels only when it’s absolutely necessary. So pick your utility during the buy phase and sharpen up your team comms. 


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