Yoru stinks and needs to be fixed, says G2 Esports’ Mixwell

Fariha Bhatti • February 16, 19:55

Months after his release, players are still not fond of Yoru. But G2 Esports’ Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas may know what’s wrong with the Japanese flasher. 

Yoru is still new to the roster, but it’s looking as though his kit is a bit underwhelming when it compares to other duelists. In fact, it’s possible he has the weakest kit of any agent in the game, period. That’s seen him sit near the bottom when it comes to pick rates and go nearly untouched in professional play. 

Yoru’s kit has a flash, teleport ability, and a decoy. Those utility options can also be found in the likes of Omen, Breach, or Pheonix, who also have other stronger skills to complement them or just have sharper versions of those tools than Yoru. That leaves him in an awkward spot, but Yoru might not be a completely lost cause yet. G2 Esports’ mixwell gave his take on the character and gave his take on how Riot can improve him. 

G2 Mixwell explains how Yoru could be better

Other flashes in Valorant are designed to explode right after deploying. Conversely, Yoru’s pop flash is unique and highly viable in high-ranked lobbies. It needs to hit a solid object to blind the opponent, which makes his ability a bit tricky to use. 

Emphasizing the flash’s pop feature, the Valorant pro revealed that a large hitbox reduces the viability of Yoru’s flash. Instead of hitting a small area and bouncing off it, the flash explodes instantly. The player explained that the issue could be fixed by reducing the size of hitbox. For example, a flash with smaller punch would easily double-bounce off Haven’s mid-doors or Ascent’s B-lobby walls. 

The pro also noted a weakness in Yoru’s teleport ability. Those who’ve played Omen know that teleporting in Valorant isn’t as sneaky as it seems. A sound cue alerts the opponents of the agent’s new position, alerting them of an incoming duel. Yoru’s ability isn’t much different. The tether creates a noise loud enough to prepare the enemies for Yoru’s relocation. Mixwell suggested that the agent could become more viable if the range of audio cue was reduced slightly. This tweak will allow Yoru to utilize his ability safely when enemies are on a different bomb point. 

The agent is currently the least-picked duelist in Valorant and there’s little reason for him to be considered over other options. To replace aggressive agents like Raze, Jett, and Reyna, Yoru may still need some other buffs from the developer. Hopefully, Mixwell’s tweet will bring some attention to the new recruit. 


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